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Launching my own jewelry line 💫

Just some random updates...

Just launched my very own brand of custom-made jewelry: CRIMSON & CLOVER!

I’ve always loved jewelry and I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur.. that is why this project is a very exciting one to me and it means a lot. I started C&C with my sister because we both realised that we loved jewelry and wanted to create a brand that is dedicated to offering beautiful custom-made jewelry affordable for everyone.

Just going to share some favourites from C&C. This is our signature piece: the Theia diamond necklace in Rose Gold, a dainty and sophisticated piece that is both sweat and water resistant.

The Rose Gold Dione Diamond Cuff Ring allows you to customise 2 initials of your choice, also both sweat and water resistant.

How the Theia looks like when it’s worn

The Rivus Necklace.

The ever so dainty Iunia Necklace.

It’d mean a lot if you guys (anyone out here reading at all haha) could head over to instagram to follow us @crimsoncloverco, or head to to customise your very first piece of jewelry! Use code “INSTA10” for 10% off your first order!

I know it won’t be easy, definitely, but I believe in myself and I won’t give up on this! So, would very much appreciate any form of support 💞 thanks you guys!


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Monday, 14 Jan 2019

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kaitinghearts (avatar)

kaitinghearts Your jewellery pieces look so dainty and pretty!! 😍✨

6 months ago

thatrandomgirl (avatar)

thatrandomgirl Congrats on your new online store opening! ❤

6 months ago

prettywildthing (avatar)

prettywildthing @kaitinghearts thank you so much! 😊❤️

6 months ago

prettywildthing (avatar)

prettywildthing @thatrandomgirl thank you so much ❣️✨

6 months ago

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