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November 2018

Damn I can’t believe it’s the 26th of November already?! 8 days till Julian’s birthday and 18 days till we leave for Europe~ I haven’t even bought enough coats for winter yet!!!

My tonsillitis is really bad. I haven’t had a full meal since Saturday afternoon and I am so hungry. My fever has been ongoing for 6 days. My gums feel so fking swollen and it hurts to bite or brush my teeth. Been to the doctor’s twice but they told to let the antibiotics work.. but it’s been 4 days. It’s supposed to work within 24 to 48 hours. I’m in so much pain. Please god, put me out of this misery.

Trying my hardest to be positive and thankful even when I feel like I’m (really) not good enough. I know I’ve given my all and my best. And I know God and the universe will guide me to my right path. I just can’t see it yet.

October 2018

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儭Halloween 2018儭

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Last Friday’s! Headed out for a chill night with Kimmy and Andrea. Been so longgg since I went out properly. Even on that day we went home at like 130am damn early sia LOL. Heard Cherry is reopening again i really don’t like the new zouk and every other club I’ve been to in the past year. WAN is.. I don’t like the vibe and commas is just too small zzz.

September 2018

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I love what we have and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 2 months and 19 days till Europe! Can’t wait to explore new countries and cities with you!

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