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June 2019

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Made this Japanese cheesecake the other with N.Mighty pleased how most of it turned out haha.My 3rd attempt so far. Going to have to continue baking it until I manage to perfect the recipe.Onwards!

May 2019

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Last stretch!!!!!!On hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have withdraw from the marketing paper last year, since it’s only being offered once a year. If I screw up my attempt this time, I’ll have to delay graduation by a whole fking year wtfAgain, fingers crossed that the school won’t have any tricks up their sleeves.Let me graduate plzzzzz

Today’s HRM231 paper was.... a killer hahahaSo many 20 mark questions!!! And the worst part was that I didn’t know how much is enough and whether what I wrote was relevant.So much was tested on our understanding of industrial relations, specifically the mediation process.I studied those prior to the exam but still.The uncertainty is killing me.I’m hoping that whatever I wrote will gain me whatever pitiable marks that will help me to pass. I only need 40 marks plz plz plzzzzz

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Yay!! Done with my paper!Was feeling like a nervous wreck before the paper because I didn’t complete the recommended readings and was very worried - what if something on the exam was from those areas.PhewI think I stress myself out too much lolI keep wanting to complete all the readings because of my kiasu-ness but it always ends up in naught.My classmate once told me to study smart, not hard, that I don’t need to read and study everything but my kiasu-ness says otherwise.

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I’ll be sitting for my first paper tomorrow!!! AhhhhHonestly, it’s terrifying.I know I’ve worked hard for it but who knows what sort of shit might turned up. Fingers crossed man.I’ve heard that the failure rate of this paper is particularly high.And I wonder why.I have a gut feeling that the students who failed simply depended on the slides presented in class and the very much summarised study guide as their main sources of material for revision.

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I got an iPad Pro yesterday, with an Apple Pencil for $550!!!!WhattttIt is a really really really good price for the item.I was scouring through Carousell for quite a bit before settling on this particular seller.HahahaFingers crossed that it won’t die on me anytime soon.

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