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Mole Removal @ Aeon Medical

Finally mustered the courage to have my mole removed last thursday. It's been a week since, so i thought it'll be a good time to review the process and progress.

Choice of Doctor

Decided on Aeon Medical after intensive research and ploughing through numerous reviews online. Selling point was the use of a hydrocolloid plaster as part of the aftercare which other clinics don't seem to provide. Another plus being Dr Kim trained in Korea and we all know how good the Koreans are at aesthetic procedures!

Appointment Procedure

So I made an appointment with Aeon Medical and was told that Dr Kim might not be able to excise my mole on the same day depending on his schedule. Was fine with that since it gives me time to weigh my options after the consultation.

On appointment day, I was asked to fill in a questionnaire (the sort you get at facial places) before I was ushered to their vanity area to remove makeup.

Super self-sufficient vanity area which had everything including hair gel, wax, mousse to cotton butts. Even handwash was L'Occitaine!

After which, a facial scan was done with their state-of-the-art VISIA machine. Had to wait about 10 minutes for the visuals to be generated so i was directed to a waiting area away from the reception (talk about discreet esp with no makeup on)!

Consultation & Thoughts

Dr Kim then came out to greet me and showed me into his office. He asked me what my concerns were while referring to the questionnaire I had filled out. I had ranked uneven skin tone, dryness, pigmentation as my top concerns (iirc).

He briefly explained the condition of my skin with visuals from the VISIA, particularly pointing out my redness and sun damage.

⚠️ Would have liked for him to be more detailed and comprehensive considering VISIA's all-encompassing analysis. It had everything from my skin texture to moisture to bacteria distribution to spider veins. SO MUCH INFO! But none of that was shared with me! Granted it was also my fault for not asking. But I thought he wasn't as detailed as described by other reviewers.

Moving on, I told Dr Kim my main motive that day was to remove the mole on my forehead and skin tag under my left eye. And subsequently, perhaps at another session, the gigantic pigmentation under my right eye.

He then suggested CO2 laser as method of extraction and asked me if I knew how it works before explaining what it does.

He also warned that some moles have roots which might cause a depression after excision, and that reoccurrence after removal is normal and everyone heals differently - some entirely, some less so and some had theirs turn into pigmentation. To illustrate the point he pointed to the sun spot under my right eye.

After that he examined my mole and skin tag a little before concluding they were just skin (over)growths (dermatofibroma i think). He also warned me that the one under my eye might be trickier because skin there is thinner.

So I asked if it was fine if I laser the one on my forehead off first before deciding on the other to see how my body heals. His reply was non-verbal; the nonchalant shrug your shoulder, up to you kind.

⚠️ That marked the end of the consultation. He sent me on my way and said the nurses would explain the charges. Hahaha felt like they had a good cop bad cop routine. Doc as the professional non-mercenary one while the nurses handle the "dirty work" of discussing money 😂😂

Could tell that he was also very careful with his choice of words, he corrected himself couple of times and stuck to phrases like "resolve the problem" - very distant and mechanical.

Mole Excision Process

Had topical numbing cream applied over "mole" for 20 minutes.

Whiled the time away at yet ANOTHER waiting area! This privacy/segregation thing is apparently the norm in Korea.

Nice quiet view of Scotts Road at night!

When the 20 mins was up, i was led to the treatment room. Dr Kim ran me through the entire procedure and I also told him to not burrow too deep because I wanted to avoid leaving a depression.

❣️I have to say Dr Kim had very good bedside manners. He kept asking if it hurt and made small talk to distract me away from the pain (I actually felt nothing!!!) When he was done he even told me to go ahead and touch the area. Felt and looked so surreal with moley gone!!!

Done and dusted! How it looked with the hydrocolloid plaster immediately after the laser. I'm supposed to leave it on for 2 weeks, changing a new piece every 2-3 days.

The day after

Can obviously tell that the "wound" ballooned. It's actually just trapped moisture/vapor which apparently helps with healing. Was told it's normal and not of concern.

Day 3

Changed plaster. Still producing moisture.

Day 6

Almost no more moisture despite a two-day old plaster. Not sure if that means the healing is almost complete?

How it looks so far!

Still kinda raw and tender, like a freshly squeezed pimple waiting to heal.

(Wah my eyebrows really need a trim!!)


Day 81

Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017

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thegivingtree (avatar)

thegivingtree hello! I came across ur dayre when googling on mole removal. do you mind sharing the charges?

2 years ago

poopiemookie (avatar)

poopiemookie @eileennnn hi! i paid $50 for consultation and $100 for the removal.

2 years ago

gracecje_ (avatar)

gracecje_ Hi! I'm looking to remove mine too and I came across your entry! Any updates after the removal? Was there anything special that you needed to avoid after the removal? (:

1 year ago

gracecje_ (avatar)

gracecje_ how long did the entire process take for healing?

1 year ago

poopiemookie (avatar)

poopiemookie @gracecje_ hey, nope nothing special to note except to change the hydrocolloid plaster every 2 days or so. actually i realized the plaster can be bought at guardian/watsons also so it's not smth unique to Aeon. Haha

Healing was quite fast. Think I stopped with the plaster within 2 weeks or so (it's been a while so I don't quite remember) There was still some redness after but went away quite fast.

1 year ago

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