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February 2019

VALENTINES DAY 2019 started off great. Firstly, I was twenty minutes early for work 😌 Had a relatively good meeting despite my severe lack of quality sleep.

One thing I absolutely do not get - why do owners of online retail shops bitch about their customers on their social media profiles?Potential customers do not want to see this side of you, no matter how aggressive or unreasonable a certain customer may be. It tarnishes your reputation because you look petty and you portray the image that you are difficult to get along with.

Time check: 2.30PM and the Wongs finally left the house 😂

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Spring Cleaning Day

This post is about how there was not much spring cleaning done on spring cleaning day.

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It’s been 7 months at my new work place! Time flies! It’s been pretty good so far LETS NOT JINX IT.

January 2019

The passing on of Aloysius Pang seems to have some lingering effect on me.I mean, when the news of him getting injured first came out, I brushed it aside. Firstly, I wasn’t too interested in him and secondly I assumed that he would recover, albeit a painful one. He was under the care of a great medical team after all. His death came as a shock.

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