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Chocolate-themed Cereal & Milk // Afterglow by Anglow // Oat biscuits from the Biscuit Buddy

this must be what heaven tastes like 😍

@quaker oatmeal squares, #nestle chocolate shreddies, #harvestfields berry muesli and @naturespathorganic heritage flakes & pumpkin flax granola drenched in @oatlyuk oat milk, topped with shredded coconut, #bonvita dark chocolate curls and black chia seeds πŸ‘…

i could literally eat this ALL DAY πŸ™ŒπŸ»

SO GOOD i had 3 bowls today :-)

Happy happy tummy RN :-)

lunch with @gerrtjh at @afterglowsg! we took so long to take photos and brought so much trouble to the staff there but they were all really nice about it! 😊

afterglow kimchi nori rolls x raw masala pizza x sweet potato wedges x raw chocolate salted caramel fudge πŸ‘…

definitely burnt a big hole in our pockets today but that's okay, because the food was satisfying and the company was wonderful ☺️

Raw Masala Pizza $20?!?!? v small leh but quite filling!! cos the crust is made of nuts :-) I rly rly like the crust I kept telling @gerrtjh HAHA i like the orange sauce thing also!!

close up πŸ“·


this was rly nice!! the almond "rice" didn't rly taste like rice but that's ok haha the kimchi was nice too :-) not the best I've tried though!

not bad la

sweet potato fries!! $6!!! siao leh and wasn't that nice :-( a bit soggy and not crispy on the outside

THE HIGHLIGHT I FEEL it was so smooth and chocolatey and rich and delicious and sweet and URGHHSHSHWJZWJS I would just come back for the pizza and the cake!!!!!

@gerrtjh hand model hurhur just let the video do the talking 😎

thanks for today @gerrtjh!! it was rly comfortable talking to u about kdramas and life haha you're rly nice!!! yay see u soon ;) like REALLY soon haha

got long queue of blogposts coming up but hopefully this will be reviewed soon!!


#throwback to this amazing assorted vegetable balls pasta ($8.90) I had two days ago.

read my full review of real food @ killiney here at: http://pohtentpohtatoes.weebly.com/real-food--killiney.html!

dates x oatmeal squares x peanuts x oat biscuits from none other than the one and only @biscuitbuddies herself πŸ‘…πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

can u sense my excitement

the oat biscuit is so good I'm shaking

Day 308

Wednesday, 4 Nov 2015

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happyliang97 (avatar)

happyliang97 Wtf I swear you're like meeting everyone on igπŸ˜‚

3 years ago

pohtato (avatar)

pohtato @happywarriorliang yes next is you ;)))

3 years ago

aloeverabeautiful (avatar)

aloeverabeautiful Me too! Me k drama fan too muahaha πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† @pohtato

3 years ago

happyliang97 (avatar)

happyliang97 Hahaha we can all meet tgt!!!! W ger and Cheryl and everyone πŸ˜‚

3 years ago

aloeverabeautiful (avatar)

aloeverabeautiful Yesss! :) @happywarriorliang

3 years ago

threesixtydegree (avatar)

threesixtydegree Hey!! just wondering!! Are you sec 3?

3 years ago

pohtato (avatar)

pohtato @happywarriorliang sure hehe will organise something soon maybe :-)

3 years ago

pohtato (avatar)

pohtato @threesixtydegree nope! y4!

3 years ago

hzmz_ (avatar)

hzmz_ $8.90?!?!! Reduced price? Last time when I had it was $12.90

3 years ago

pohtato (avatar)

pohtato OH SHUCKS THANKS HAHAHA ITS 13.90 @hazeymaisy

3 years ago

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