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June 2017

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second update for June hols HAHHAHA HAD ICHIBAN THAT DAY was craving a lot of rice so I had rice w a side of rice ohYESBABY

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photo dump :')

ahhhh i miss this platform....... a bit la HAHHAHAHA so time for photo (kind of) spam but only from like may bc the rest hv been transferred to my comp wahaha made tteokbokki for the famz that day they loved it and begged me to make more HHAHAHAHAHAHA

April 2017

AYEEEE PEEPS IM BACKmaybe i'll update soon with like a major long post about some foods i ate during this break but meanwhile LET ME BASK IN THE HAPPINESS OF RETURNING TO SOCIAL MEDIA HAHAHAHAHAHAhope all of you have been doing greatttttgyttttif you see a long string of likes on your posts by me pls don't be creeped out I just missed u a lot HAHAHAHAwow the community has changed A WHOLE LOT in 40 days :o

February 2017

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12/2 ~ 18/2

my updates for this week!!!! earthfest was so fun haha met so many ppl but will only post the food photos cos too many ppl ASP ITS IN MY VLOG HEHE SO YA HOPE U LIKE THIS SUPER DE DUPER LONG UPDATE

lol constipated again... gjobsometimes i rly h8 my digestive system

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5/2 ~ 11/2

sorry for the lack of updates this whole week - have been so busy with school, doing tutorials, catching up with friends, that i barely took any nice photos of my main meals / snacks these are just some highlights of the week i managed to snap a photo of when im alone! learnt not to care so much about taking photos when I'm with others but rather, focus on their company and on the food itself and honestly, it's just so so liberating 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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