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February 2019

Was sharing with the H about our week when I realised that A is growing up so quickly that if I don’t jot down bits and pieces I’d soon lose track of him. And also, the sad fact that the H misses out on so much of the children. ☹️ hopefully in time to come his grand plan of managing everything remotely will work out. What my almost 16 month old has been up to..

January 2019

and captain obvious strikes again...I’m just glad N is rather reliable and has autonomy over her school prep. i.e she is responsible to preparing her clothes and bag each day.Phew.

N’s first day of school! K2 so soon... oh my baby.Woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed and all excited to be back in sch. Haha but jiujiu said she came home a little deflated saying she has no friends. I know it is a cycle so I’m not too concerned and N will make friends eventually but jiujiu felt a bit bad for her.K2 is a whole new ball game. They’ve spelling in the 1st week. Something I have never heard of. Her previous teacher was a gem! They had sounding practice, no stress..

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