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New beginnings ✨

September 2018

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To sum up, the past few days have been pretty bad. Esp today. I really really want to just get out of singapore but our peak is approaching. Do i really think I can hang in there till Jan 2019 before i take a holiday?

August 2018

Future’s bleak. Who was i kidding

July 2018

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wow wow is money my inner calling...... because if it is, that’s pretty sad :((( Usually if i’m down w fever, no way i’ll still go on and do what i have planned for the day. But today.... it’s been 9am-5pm of goddamn tuition teaching....... my head hurts like crazy but i’m still telling myself to hang on.... is this adulthood

Sometimes you just think if it’s like physically impossible for someone to go back to the state of being highly motivated and ready ever... once you’re out of it

June 2018

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First day of my working adult life. Typing these few words on the bus actually made me kinda emotional. LOL for what though...

April 2018

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How do i put this. This constant feeling of inadequacy is slowly eating me up inside. I mean i’m sure it didn’t take me this long to realise this but what i realise is i’ve just been too well of a deserter for too long. Probably the last sem withdrawals kicking in that have made me realise it’s really just either now or never. I want to leave university feeling like i’ve accomplished smth worth reminiscing about in the time to come.

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