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A ridiculously dope soul πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #chasingmemo

March 2019

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I am typing all of this overlooking the Pasir Ris MRT station, a field and the Pasir Ris Hawker Centre...Right at the spot the guy above was sitting after the said gentleman left πŸ˜ƒMy WORD !!! I LOVE THIS PLACE !!! SUCH A GEM !!!Like an oasis amid the concrete jungle for a bookie like me (applies strictly to novels only !!!) πŸ˜†This only further reinforces my desire to work here in the near future and as for in what, I am still unsure as of RN.

Just thought to pen my turbulent mind down...I will be in peri Surgical for the very first time tomorrow...I have already asked for passovers from a collegue whom I will be taking patient's over from since this morning...The person is supposed to assign those pts to me...Called her again, no reply...Asked another collegue, no reply as wellTried calling them both, to no avail...Asked the night person, no reply too...Why is this happening to me?It is not that I didnt ask. I DID

January 2019

I ❀ being a doctor πŸ˜„It teaches me to be selfless despite the subservient repertoireHumbling beyond wordsI get to see miracles that God performs at unexpected times which are ASTOUNDINGDear God, please let me find a speciality that I'll love wholeheartedly & will excel inClock is ticking and I aint got much time left...Please help me find what I want because right now, I dont know what I want yet...

Its a daily rumble Lots to grumbleUnder the breath mumblesHard to stay humbleWhat is to see eye to eye ?Understanding is something u cant buyMy room, my eternal lair to cryHmm, why do I even try ?Home...Verbal assaults sky high like a motherfucking domeMakes my unstable mind roamThinking are there defects in my chromosomeAs there is nothing I could do with great aplomb -GKC

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