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Sephora πŸŽ‚ Haul + Discovery of God given brushes - Zoeva

The Waterfall : Italian - Shangri-La Hotel

Hi guys, sorry I died from the previous update πŸ˜‚

Didn't manage to finish my post-Christmas brunch update at #shangrila 's
<Waterfall Italian restaurant> from @pinkyniakoh:030117
(Hehe testing the new dayre post date link app update out)

#dayrefatties #christmas

Mai ice-leng mong tea 🍹 hate hot drinks even tho I'm a lady and I should keep my womb or female organs healthy those kind by drinking less cold drinks πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Some of the dessert I got from the buffet spread. The snowman and Christmas chocolates decos are so cute! Their logcakes were nudbad too !


The three pasta dishes they served that day were

-mushroom macaroni cream (fav choice for us among all) pretty yummy 😝😝😝

Vongole - tasted abit like aglio olio after it got dry.🍝

Some tomato pasta which was so-so

Tomato pastas hardly impresses me. Unless is like cream tomato those kind 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍢🍢🍢 everything cream~

Last but not least, the best thing about the Italian buffet at shangrila was ...

All the thick and creamy free flow GELATO icecream included in the spread.

Sephora birthday haul


Since I'm at it, I shall share some of my latest makeup hauls from #Sephora !
I bought so much makeup in the year 2016 I should really do a mini review on all the makeup I got but I guess I'm going to do it on my blog instead of dayre.

But I'll still try to share whenever my a MU parcels comes in la πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anyways last month was my birthday month so I just decided to use the $10 off birthday voucher Sephora gives it's black member to purchase some stuff on their website.

Cause like quite tempting also, you buy something also receive a mini birthday gift from Sephora.

Might not be a super great gift but since I couldn't find any review online that showed what birthday gift they usually give their card members during their birthday month. I decided to be the guinea pig for you guys. Hehe

Anyways I'm still contemplating if I should try to purchase 1.5 k to become a Sephora gold card member by next year cos currently I have 600+ points hahah 800+ more to go πŸ˜…πŸ˜’

So the gift was some two-colored blusher which has happy birthday word engravings on it. Not super good, not too shabby if you don't expect too much! Quite cute still I guess at least they bothered to customize a Happy birthday for their loyal wallet drained customers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

During birthday month whatever you purchase you'll also be discounted & the points added into their system is x2 as well, thus I decided to buy like a 121 SGD brush set πŸ˜‚ so can x2 of that still considered worth it.

Also received a samples choice of sephora's other brand new products?

They quite good at doing this kinda freebie sample thingy maybe some people try alr then will buy ma hahaha

Then more sales for them πŸ˜… but no complains.

I choose this #mirenesse blush & Collagen (?!) cusion compact free sample pack to use since it's they have many ranges under their brand that's award winning.

And sounds so dope ah collagen airbrush liquid powder all.

So cute !!! Free sample pack but still comes with a puff to use the other products :)

Zoeva Brushes

I got the Rose Golden Vol. 2 #Zoeva Luxury Brush set at $121.99 - $10 = 111.99 SGD

Since I've always used fingers to apply all my makeup, I never thought that brushes would make that much of a difference...

In fact since I like really pigmented looking stuff, I always thought that using fingers you'll get a better colour pay off and shit.

My brush set comes with 8 brushes + a large rose gold clutch (big enough to contain like more than 8 brushes actually)

The 8 brushes are super good for starters as they have like a just right amount of 3 face brushes:
- Buffer brush
- Luxe face paint brush
- Luxe cheek finish brush

And some basic eye brushes (cause eye-brushes or any brushes you can have endless types)
- smudger (for undereyes i suppose)
- Lux crease brush
- Luxe smoky shader
- Wing liner brush
- Brow brush

Here are the #zoevabrushes up close!!!

Zoeva brushes & sigma brushes are the more prominent brush brands that Sephora carries. Heard about how good Sigma brushes are but they can cost up to $200-$400 per set, so Zoeva is like kinda the second tier, but they do their job pretty well I've heard.

After using these, the next brushset imma try will be #Morphe brushes, they are priced super affordable & I almost regretted spending so much on my first set of brushes since I'm just a newbie to Brushes

Becos a set of morphe brushes with good reviews on YouTube can just cost like 42 SGD?

So in fact Zoeva brushes are considered cheaper than the damn high end ones but still not as cheap compared to morphe.

I would gladly purchase the morphe ones next time (also cos they are
Affordable) to compare if different brands of brushes feels any different or does a better/worse job at what it's supposed to do.

Anw, I played with my first set of brushes with my #juviasplace Masquerade Palette.

Here's a mermaidish fancy blue look I got following #kathleenlights YouTube tutorial because I'm still noob at customizing colours with my eyeshadow palettes myself.

I really love it!!!!
This is the FIRST time I'm using #makeupbrushes to apply my eye makeup and I finally understand why people say that brushes are worth the investment lol πŸ€‘

Even tho the pigment the brush initially picks up might not be comparable to your fingers (can see from those finger/brush swatches of eyeshadows online)

But Your brushes still allows you to slowly build, pack up & BLEND the colors of the shadows WAY BETTER than your fingers. I SWEAr!!!!

Not a very nicely taken photo & showed how nicely & perfectly my shadows were blended out cos I used my iPhone front camera πŸ˜…

It's the first time I managed to blend my eyeshadow on my eyelids so beautifully haha because of brushes!!?!?!

If not I always thought only angmo (Caucasians) can blend their eyelids super nice ah cos of their crease & more defined eyelids.

Died, I think I will invest more money on playing with more eyeshadow palettes after I discovered how to use brushes πŸ˜…

Makeup I have on my face

Eyes - Juvia's place masquerade palette
Contour - #makeupgeek
Highlighter - #jeffreestar king tut (which I always use it as a bronzer instead of a highlighter cos it's quite dark tan I like hehe)
Lips - liquid lippie from #limecrime matte velvetine Cindy shade πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Hehe the two brushes I used most for this look from zoeva for my eyelids would be its

Luxe Smokey shader brush - does a excellent job of packing the colour and pigments on top of each shade


Luxe Crease brush - which is perfect for blending the colours and adding browns inside your crease and eyelids to blend better as well πŸ€—

Wore that makeup as the Perfect look for our new year countdown with Mai bf and he got me surprise flowers as usual πŸ˜‡πŸ˜…πŸ˜˜

Love this kinda flowers more than roses actually hahaha so far wills got my roses twice in red & pink

& these kind twice too (I forget what it's called) in white & this time purple!!!!

Unfortunately, he hold my flowers while waiting for the late queen - me until he lost his wallet at orchard ion's toilet :(

I feel super guilty when I received the flowers then he say he lost his wallet :(
It's a black Prada wallet FYI lol it was gone aft 5 mins in the male toilet....


Told my mom about it and she gave him a LV wallet almost immediately LOL

He just went to customize his initials on it during his lunch break today.

Quite nice I also want to customize on my own Prada wallet leh haha but only LV does this kinda customizations πŸ˜£πŸ˜’πŸ˜•

Day 5

Thursday, 5 Jan 2017

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