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Bkk day 1 πŸ’•πŸ€£ first night in bangkokkkkk

Bkk day 1

Hi since I'm outstation and very freeee, i shall finally dayre about my +66 #bkk trip last week!

#dayretravel #dayretravels #dayrebeauty #dayrefoodies #dayrefatties #ootd #bangkok


After around a two hour plus flight, we reached bangkok's Don Mueang airport & as usual I got my favorite BKK's mobile network SIM card.

- TRUE move H.
7 days, 5.5 gig, 4G connection For only 199 baht. (8 SGD!!! Lol)

Buy from DMK airport immediately after you get out of their customs and the shop will be on ur left. Most convenient!


Otw from airport to our hotel. Hahahah damn funny me and my mom made the exact same faces

Look alike not uh

Koh family πŸ’•


Stayed in Berkeley pratunam hotel once again because it's the most value for money and I love its location la.

I like to stay in pratunam area the most in bkk alr! Shopping is everywhere at walkable distances.

Berkeley hotel pratunam is the hotel I stay at most frequently in +66 but I always get rooms at tower 2. This is the first time I got a room at tower 1 and it's actually quite nice.

Layout slightly different.
One night 90-100 SGD per room only #cheap

Big ah

Cute it's see through πŸ™Š

Kidzzzz can close one la

Brought my parents to eat the best pratunam chicken rice located just right opposite our hotel.

They have some competitors next door but just look for the shop with all their workers clad in pink, it's the very first stall here and the most legit one among all the vendorsπŸšπŸ“πŸ”

Used to be named as"Kaiton pratunam chicken rice" but I think they had a revamp and changed their name recently

Such affordable prices.

Chrysanthemum teas and Thai green milk tea 😝

What I prefer about dining here in the evening than lunch time is that during dinner time they will "collab" with another street vendor and have more Thai dish options on an additional food menu like Tilapia salted fish and those Thai papaya salad etc etc 🐟🐟

But still have to order chicken rice here la, and their bitter gourd soup with pork ribs which I always order 🍲

What's so different about Thailand's chicken rice is prolly the less oily rice and the sauce which is served to accompany the chicken is different from singapore.

But still yummy! 🀀

Finally managed to go to Lebua State Tower (where hangover 1/2 was filmed, housing one of the highest rooftop sky bars in Bangkok, where tourists will flood to) this time round as it wasn't raining unlike the other time when I had the intention to go πŸ˜‚

Went to Breeze at level 52nd of the lebua state tower instead of the more "famous" Sky bar on level 64 because it is less crowded and I guess prices of food/drinks there is less expensive compared to the higher ground's (even tho still exorbitant for bangkok's rates)

Plus the entrance to the bar is so nice and grand at breeze!



Preddi stairs lol not me

So romantic to dine here even tho I'm doubtful of how the food will taste πŸ˜‚

Service and waiters super thoughtful one

Had some drinks and this was a super creative drink which you get to mix the cocktail by urself. It was recommended by the waiters!!

So fun & pretty ok!! Base liquor was Gin btw

All the drinks tasted not bad, had an espresso martini, the gin experimental concoction (forget the name) and virgin apple mojito. 🍸

These three drinks cost us like SGD 100 ++ alr πŸ™„



W momma

Group shot lol the glass behind transparent quite scary to see through it !!! Feels like u are going to fall off LOL


Supper was settled at the famous Mama tom yam spot in Bangkok!

"Jae oh"

Call to make ur reservation as it will be packed especially on weekends lol, the hype has alr died down a little compared to previously but it was still crowded.

Lucky we made a reservation for 4 once we touched down bkk in the morning and i made it a point to come during the weekdays.

Weekend crowds and traffic in bkk is crazy


We ended up ordering the largest portion for 6 people because I wanted to take a nicer photo of the food 😹😹😹😹 pigging out cos I can

Ok so Jeh O Chula serves Thai style Tze char dishes which imo is better than their viral tom yam mama noodles la.

And the Tze char starts selling at 5pm alrd.
Because of the mama noodles we had to go after 11pm - the time the noodles will then be available on the menu (which is kinda late plus fattening)

Everyone agrees that the next time we go, we will prolly go for the tzechar.

This roast pork is one of the must order btw damn good!

Lime sauce Thai style fish in bkk heard before but Thai style garlic lime salmon is the first I've heard and it's mind blowing πŸ™€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Look. At. This. 800 baht. 6 pax portion. 32 SGD

pls go with more friends ok. This tom yam mama noodle pot is great but we prefer the Tze char cos this just tastes like the Maggie mama brand noodles you can buy in bkk's supermarket the creamy tomyam flavor one!!!

The only good thing is that the add on ingredients in this pot is generous and the crab meat is alr peeled for you !!!πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘πŸ»

Sin af la but so nice

My parents approve πŸ‘¬

Hahahaha too much f noodles

K shall stop at day 1 here because I am going to prepare for flight now.

Kinda sleeeeepy lol
Ending of the post w the only makeup look I bothered to apply in my Bangkok trip on day one πŸ˜‚ #kylie


Day 190

Sunday, 9 Jul 2017

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Simmytaiji (avatar)

Simmytaiji Hi Eugenia! How do we get to the mama tomyum place you recommended? Cause the last time I wanted to go, the driver said it is super far away pratunam.

1 year ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh Hi babe I cabbed there! It's actually not far at all, from pratunam it's only about a 15 mins drive? Sometimes maybe miscommunication or like the driver lazy? Cos sometimes will jam. I usually cab to places using GRAB in bkk. Is super convenient, you don't even have to bargain for rides and then u can set the place u wanna go v straightforwardly. Just opt to pay by cash. They won't overcharge you and it's safe. Try it out next time!! :) I cab from lebua state tower to Jeh o for 85 baht on my grab history only. I just checked !

1 year ago

sereneeewong (avatar)

sereneeewong Hi! Do you still have the number of jeh o for reservation? :)

1 year ago

Simmytaiji (avatar)

Simmytaiji @pinkyniakoh Ya, I think he was just lazy! Cause he kept saying very far, then ask us to go night market instead! Thanks for checking the fares!

1 year ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh Hey @sereneeewong here's the number! +66 81-682-8816 :)

1 year ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh @Simmytaiji no problem, go on ur next trip!:)

1 year ago

sereneeewong (avatar)

sereneeewong Thank you!! @pinkyniakoh

1 year ago

whackymonkey (avatar)

whackymonkey Hi, chanced upon ur dayre while researching for my bkk trip. Can I check if you call to make reservation with jeh o, will the person understand English or you have to get a Thai person to call them?

8 months ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh They have a person that speak English then they will always pass the phone to the person can communicate one no worries @whackymonkey !

8 months ago

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