Eugenia koh jia tian (avatar)
updated 11 months ago

sick or just sick of people

This post is to gauge the "true" friends you have left with when u r rly sick and those who even bothered to ask. Not rly being anal or what sort but I guess if you usually could take a few mins to ask them if their alright, I wonder why the treatment isn't the same.

As for the few fake & toxic ones left, I've got nothing great to comment about you anymore hahaha

Day 247

Monday, 4 Sep 2017

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jforjiayan (avatar)

jforjiayan Gws! Haha there's still many others who care about u!!

11 months ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh Thanks so much babe ☺️ @jforjiayan

11 months ago

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