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Food tasting @ Sufood // A day in my fat life

Sufood food tasting (rhymes HAHAHAH)

Food tasting ytd at taiwan's no 1 vegetarian chain outlet opened in sgp!!!! My mom actually brought me here before, because during certain days of the month, when she is eating vegetarian (#buddhist), she doesn't mind coming down here to dine with her friends who likes the food here.

They serve a great variety of vegetarian dishes in courses in a more restaurant-ish fine dining concept.

We were at their first outlet located at Raffles City :)


7 courses (including like the drinks as 1/2 course also la 😅)

For SGD $29.80 ++ SUPER affordable because of their service & portion size. Super hugeeeee I felt full after the salad course 😅😂😂😂

Will recommend this place if anyone has any vegetarian friend / family member to treat or surprise 😝😝😝

Actually I'm a major meat eater but I still find the food here yummy as well doesn't rly seem those super vegetarian kind or makes much a difference compared to my normal meals.

2nd course - some mulberry vinegar juice which is super gooood bring out the appetite in you

1st course - Rosemary breadsticks imported straight from Taiwan but still baked fresh and tasty!!!!

Dipped in this mustardy mayonnaisy thing or blueberry sauce which is awesome as well.

For the 3rd course I chose the assorted tossed salad as I wanted to go for something savory instead of sweet. They have fruity kinda salad options as well.

The portion was so huge!! The chef incorporated crispy lotus chips and other ingredients in the salad in order to let customers chew on like different textured stuff in the salad bowl 😆😆

I ordered the lively (cold) juice which was watermelon + tomato 😛😛😛😜😜😜

4th course - cream of pumpkin soup!!!

Was so bloated by then hahhaha cos all the juices v nice I keep like drinking em HAHAHAHHA

For my main course, I Chose one of #sufood new main dishes introduced recently into the menu.

It's like garlic aglio olio which was spicy and tangy. Pretty tasty, that's why I said I don't find the meal vegetarian at all... like also eating pasta what right 😆😆😆 got "sausages" also!!!!

My friends chose the star pizza for their main course. One of the most popular old time item in Sufood's menu!!!

Super tasty pizza with many mushrooms as toppings and drizzled with so many yummy sauces. Cream cheese can. Be found in the pizza crust as well!!!🍕🍕🍕

The chefs at sufood makes dishes inspired by the Italian preparation methods/ cuisines :)

Another main which is one of the new items introduced in their menu! Lion's mane mushroom with black pepper sauce~

This cheesy mushroom wrap was legit as well!!!! And the photo I chose to post on my IG as it looks the most Instagram worthy hehehehe

Finally the 6th course!!! There are always space for desserts no matter how full you are 🤓🤓🤓🤓

Had the roselle jelly yogurt topped with yogurty sauce. Rly good if you like slightly sour stuff ^^ not v sour la HAHAHHAA it's the nice jelly dessert kind sweet and sour

More desserts.....

Pants bursting hehe.

Not to worry if the set meal seems too much!!! They sell their dishes by ala carte prices too, just that the set srsly seems more worth it ~

They even gave me a bottle of my fav mulberry vinegar juice to bring home 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻 thanks #affluencepr & #sufoodsingapore for the media tasting & hospitality!♥️♥️


Uncalled selfie in the toilet cos I felt like pooping right aft hehehehe sorz spoil ur appetite 😂😂😂

Had some Starbucks latte & cheesecake for tea!!

Visited my aunt in the hospital as well 😐 glad she's ok now!!!!

Dinner settled at White restaurant at punggol. Second outlet of the famous sembawang 百米粉 some seafood white mifen noodles 🤗🤗🤗 that's damn awesome

Walked past this beer all night long sign so I decided to take a pic of it to tempt ma friends HAHAHAHAH

White restaurant

Mandatory Aiyu jelly & water chestnut at Tze char places !

Some seafood roll Ngoh Hiang thing my mom likes!!!

The awesome BMF but somehow I felt that their standard dropped abit from the first time I ever had it at sembawang.... but still a good comfort food I'll go back to have !!

Salted egg sotong 🐙🐙🐙

And their signature fried tofu which is PRETTY TASTY I'll recommend people to order this when dining here!!!!

Last but not least some spicy veg which is called potato vegetables ah HAHAHAHAHA lazy to google I only know what's its called in hokkien leh - HAN ZI HIO guys

LOL ate too much as usual ytd. TUMMY ISH GETTING BIGGER 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻

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Thursday, 10 Nov 2016

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