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Kylie Makeup looks + liquid lippies fest swatch

Hola amigos since I'm feeling not as lazy today I shall be hardworking and have a mini update on my dayre!

First Look

Still currently having fun experimenting with my #juviasplace masquerade palette πŸ‘€πŸ˜ on my eyes.

#kylie Love bite on my lips, super darkkkk maroonish purple shade

#dayrebeauty #popular #dayrespick #editorspick

Instead of the colorful look I went for previously, I decided to try out the more basic shades in the bottom rows.

Used Burkina for my crease, added Ada onto my eyelids to create the burgundy fall look, topped it with Calabar for some shimmer ✨then blended the colors on my eyes with Zulu

Tadaa my colleague complimented me for my eyes ytd πŸ˜…

Light highlight on my cheeks using #makeupgeek highlighter in shade: Celestial

Bought Makeupgeeks's highlighter set some time back & I chose the Porcelain skintone set just becos it has Moon phase, celestial - their duochrome highlighters which I found rather hard to work with cause I'm not exactly fair.

I didn't go for their medium skin tone or fair skin tone highlighter sets. I went for PORCELAIN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ fairer than fair LOL #extremethingsido

Didn't manage to keep love bite on my lips for the entire night tho....

Cos I always dare/want to wear the super dark colors out but sometimes when it starts to fade I'll just feel like them taking out entirely.

And Kylie's formula is really a mutha faking hard lippie to remove wo makeup remover hahahaha so I ate a pizza and tried to remove my liquid lippie with the pizza oil on my lips HAHAHAHAA

And srsly.... I have too many liquid lippies at home I should rly forbid myself from buying more because I only have one lips.

And I don't even have a sibling to share these with.

These are just the sets I own from Kylie. Not even including her full sized liquid lippies and all my other liquid lippies brands πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Second Look

Used #kyliecosmetics #kylieholiday #kyshadow palette to achieve this look lol.

Had a superrrrrr tough time trying to pack on the colors to achieve this I tot my eyelids were gna peel lol

Her palette was super not pigmented & dry?! I was expecting bad but not this bad.

The blending matte colors in the palette were not too bad tho. The one I applied on the top to blend the colors. But her satin 'metallic' shimmer shades were really bad. Like her sapphire blue shade which I was so excited about. The sliver shade which most people said were the best alr felt dry to me too.

I guess it could still achieve some kind of brownish dark look on ur eyes but rlyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the palette has 9 colors but the dark colors are so dry until you apply all become look just like a greyish smoky eye look on ur eyes lor hahaha

Wearing #limecrime matte velvetines: Beet it on my lips.

Her packaging were goals tho.
Prolly the first & last Kylie palette I'll get just to support her brand.

Skipping out on her peach palette because I'm pretty sure the formula would be like her holiday palette.

She always swatches her eyeshadows to be so pigmented but I wonder how many times she have to layer them on πŸ˜‚ 50?

She produces some of her items so fast wo even perfecting them.

And tbh the shades in this palette looks so boring also haha even tho the price is still ok la cos you pay the same as the other palettes you get 3 more shades (9+3 =12 shadows) and a makeup brush.

Caved in to temptations & finally ordered the #anastasiabeverlyhill #modernrenaissance palette.

Seeing how many people raving about the pigmentation & the palette I decided to get it to achieve the best burgundy fall look for my eyes πŸ‘€

Skipping on Kylie's burgundy palette cos my friend who owns both her holiday & burgundy palette said the formula is around the same πŸ˜•

... I still tot maybe her Burgundy one still might be better since many said that it's an improvement from her Bronze palette.

Another greyish dull look I got from Kylie's holiday palette lo haha.

Should be called smokey eye palette cos all also add and blend up tgt alr become like dk what kind of dark color shade alr


Liquid lippies fest

Last but not least,
Some swatches on my latest affordable buy from Sasa.

- The balm cosmetics liquid lippies!!
Super affordable I think I got them for 36 SGD after discount? And all the colours is really the legit everyday can wear kind.

#thebalmcosmetics #thebalm

Left to right
- charming
- sincere
- committed
- doting
- dedicated
- loyal

Love the colors from the balm mini lippies set. Compared to Kylie's mini lippies, I think they have slightly more product in each mini tube.

Feels abit minty on the lips & take slightly longer to dry, but No complains for me!!!! 😝😝😝

Comparing my the balm liquid lippies (top row) shades to some similar of the liquid lippies shades I own from other brands.

(Bottom row, left to right)
- Polly from Limecrime
- Posie K from Kylie Cosmetics
- Jihyo Pink from Banila co.
- Gemini from #Jeffreestar
- Leo from Jeffree Star
- Double Dare from #katvond

Gemini seems like almost a dupe exactly to Sincere right ????😱

Day 7

Saturday, 7 Jan 2017

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yvnxej (avatar)

yvnxej Hi may i know where the ABH palette is ordered from? Because everywhere this palette is oos 😭

1 year ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh Beautylish! You sign up for the restock on beautylish they v fast keep restock one hahaha like I wanted buy then oos then eh next day have stock alrd!

1 year ago

yvnxej (avatar)

yvnxej Oh beautylish. Im on their mailing list. Heh. I wanna get that palette for a longgggg time. But I always miss the restock. Slow fatty fingers. Tsk. πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

pinkyniakoh (avatar)

pinkyniakoh They restock fast la just sign up for their notification specifically for the palette heh mine coming tmr alr hahaha! @yvonnennovy πŸ˜†

1 year ago

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