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Everyone has a story to tell, don’t be judgement

March 2019

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Another weekend which I have to work 😭 sobs

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Missing you :’( work have been really tiring lately. Waking up at 6am and ending work at 11pm daily is no joke. I’m so tired :’( and did I mention I’ve to work from home during weekends to clear up the shit someone else left over :’( sighhhh.

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My patience runs dry... I usually have a lot of patience for ppl and uds that they might not know since it’s the first time doing.... but .... too many times she used the reason “sorry I didn’t know cos it’s my first time doing ..” makes me really pissed? I need to be more patient . And for every mistake she made, I’ve to do more work to amend it. Maybe I’m tired and sick of amending her mistakes. That’s why my patience runs dry. And now I’m feeling so bad for being so nasty to her

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You cannot expect people, things or environment to make you happy. Happiness is within one self. I will find that happiness. So drain by work and the humans I’ve to deal with, my patience is running dry. What’s the most difficult part of my job? Probably dealing with humans. Ever since I started working, I think it’s draining out my smile. I need to find myself back.

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