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June 2019

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Now, in order to test if nude/beige bags go well with most of my clothes and if I'll get tired of them very soon (they're not black after all, so I guess not as timeless?), and whether I'm able to take care of light coloured bags in general, I bought this $49 pvc bag in a nude pinkish shade to try out 😂 before I commit on a new luxe bag 😎Yup, it's like about 1% of how much a chanel mini (whether its classic or reissue) would cost?Doesn't matter if it gives way in 6 months time..

Not sure if it's a cause for concern... Meimei is quite good at stringing sentences together to express her needs and feelings verbally.. She can even sing (and is in tune!)But... She still can't pronounce the "g' and "k" sounds 😶 and will substitute them with "d" and "t"... Oh, and z, zh, c, ch etc... And makes me worried if she has got 大舌头... My mum suggested maybe she's lazy to enunciate clearly since we can all understand her anyway.. Hmm...#toddler#terribletwossoon#23months old today

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I've been so attracted to nude/pink bags lately! But really, how practical are they? Lol... And I'm like how clumsy?#Ysl envelope bag (medium size)$318024x17.5x6cmPhoto from ysl websiteShould be available in storesAnd then I'm a little hesitant coz... Ysl isn't exactly known for holding its value 😶

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Decided to be more self disciplined when buying stuff (and indulging in ncie food).... I was initially contemplating about getting 1 more jjb backpack as my work bag (discounted price around $90?), and a few days later, I saw that Tangs is having NARS beauty box for $90... And I was also eyeing some new lzzie clothes... So ended up, I chose only lzzie clothes and didn't get the other 2 haha... NARS beauty box was sold out within a few hrs btw!

My back and shoulders hurt and it's making me really sleepy :( urgh

Anyone other momma here who's a 2nd or youngest kid in the family, and feel that the kids maternal grandparents (ie your own grandparents) start to treat u differently after u have kids, and the kids are under their care most of the time? Lol... I know this is weird and kinda petty, but I used to be the "baby" of my family, and now that I have my own babies, my parents start to treat me more harshly than last time 😭 like.... Damn 现实 one leh... Lol... Yea my mum is what you'd consider obsessive

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