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June 2019

Why aren’t they afraid of hurting other’s feelings with their comment(s)? Aren’t they aware? I guess some people are just born without EQ.

May 2019

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Dayre still avail ah? Hahaha, they are so confusing. Just done feeding Beanut his milk! 😊 Super satisfied when he finishes especially if it’s EBM. Other than BM, he takes formula too. I’m giving him Karihome (goat’s milk).His jaundice (last check) is 95, next appt at KKH to check some liver thingy (i forgot what is it). Got referred to KKH because polyclinic told us to, his jaundice was 115...i’m glad it’s going down 😄 I think they just like to dramatise his condition.

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Every day, i look forward to showering at night because i can finally feel liang liang and using the herbal water is quite okay leh, i don’t find it a hassle. Quite shiok in fact!

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Whoa i only nurse beanut for about 7 mins and he’s been sleeping for 1.5 hours already, does it mean he’s really full? 🤔 Happen a few times liao, so i hope that’s really the case.Need to exercise man, so sad i cannot fit into my denims but then again, it’s quite small to begin with!

April 2019

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Finally weighed myself! I’m 53.8kg now, I don’t think the weight i’ve lost (5kg) is true weightloss, it’s more like baby + placenta and all of that thingy inside that contributed to the 5kg!I need to lose 5kg at least! My face looks round still leh...maybe i should try wearing my shorts tmr, i hope i can fit the denim ones?!Hatin’ my new boobs, i don’t like it! Not a boobies person 😅

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