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March 2019

this ms is not ever leaving.... help...... #dayrepregnancy #week13

today i can see light at the end of the tunnel! finally woke up with no nausea and feeling hungry! not sure if it’s the dicletin that i took last night. whatever it if, i hope it is that start of better days!

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oscar test today! #dayrepregnancy #week12

#week12 now and i think i felt baby’s movement?#dayrepregnancy

February 2019

haven’t been sleeping well for many days. been having vivid dreams. last night i slept at 10pm, woke up at 2+ to the smell of incense paper burning. i imagined ourselves getting carbon monoxide poisoning and woke up to check if my #firstborn was breathing. dramatic much. couldn’t sleep after that and when i finally fell back asleep, the alarm rang at 5.45am. gosh. #dayrepregnancy

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baked rice for the firstborn #dayrefatties #dayrefoodies

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