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April 2019

Flying off to 🇰🇷 tomorrow and luggage still not packed. 🙊

Top things not to get alcohol rub in/on:1) Eyes2) Bleeding wounds/abrasions3) Paper cutsRanked in order of pain level

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Just found my new favourite bloom: Diphylleia Grayi aka skeleton flower

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Colour dilemmas. Going to get white definitely, but love the other colours too! Oh dear. Pink or khaki?

March 2019

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我算是见识到淘宝安娜家的势力了 😭

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Ol Starman vs ZNT D06-L earbuds

My Sony earpieces recently went through the wash (RIP) so I was on a lookout for a general replacement. No particular budget but I would say min $30, max $300. Of course I would not buy a certain brand or model unless the reviews are overwhelmingly great. I owned a pair of Sennheiser IE80s and used them for about 3 years before the wires started breaking up. It had all the qualities I wanted. The strong bass, the balance in clarity and noise cancellation. That was in the $300 department.

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