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N'Ex Narita Express 3 (成田エクスプレス3号)

It's been a long time (since both Dayre and Japan) so I guess let's do this!

This will be my longest trip to Japan yet, but the first time we'll be watching our favourite Japanese band LIVE!!

We took Delta Airlines and the boy was happy to see they served Starbucks on board.

(He's a Starbucks fanboy 😒)


All we had was 10,000¥ notes from the money changer, so the boy got this to make for loose change. Some 'Cherry Pie' thing, with a biscuit cap on top of whipped cream, and only came in Tall size.

He said it was slightly sour hahaha. 2nd Starbucks of the day!

On board the Shinkansen straight to Yokohama. Basically our plan was to just:

Arrival in NRT ➡️ Checkin Hotel (to put all our Barang barang ➡️ Concert

Our flight was initially slated to arrive at 2pm, and the concert doors open at 4pm so we were quite worried. Luckily the flight arrived earlier, so we were off and done with customs by 2pm!

(But we also got lost in Yokohama station cos too many platforms wtf.)

After a series of lugging luggage, finally arrived T_T (The boy made me climb the stairs lugging luggage cos he didn't want to wait for the lift!!! /flip table/)

Met up with my Cousin, and went to Yokohama Arena, which was 10 minutes away from our hotel.

This was the queue prior to entering the concert. #peoplemoutainpeoplesea

Or section was in the area right in front of the stage!! But it was standing seats, right at the back. 😂

Better than nothing I suppose!

My first japan concert, and it's the boy's SUPER favorite. ONE OK ROCK, with special guest AIMER! (Both are his favorite, so he was super excited when he found out they were performing together!)


Verdict: I don't think anything can ever beat the atmosphere at a Japan rock concert. The level of enthusiasm was roof-high, it felt like a giant karaoke gym session (😂) and we super enjoyed ourselves.

Also, the Japanese strictly prohibit videography of any sort during the concerts and they all comply with the rules. You don't see people recording any part at all, not like Singapore concerts. 😂

来て良かった 😭 (I'm glad I came)

ありがとう 😌 (Thank you)

Day 110

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017

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sharotto (avatar)

sharotto have fun!

1 year ago

chasingtherainbow (avatar)

chasingtherainbow How long are you going ?

1 year ago

carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 Miss you!!! Have fun there!!

1 year ago

pingping7 (avatar)

pingping7 15 days :) @chasingtherainbow

😘😘🙆🏻 @sharotto @carplate1030

1 year ago

Alohawaiian30 (avatar)

Alohawaiian30 Wow Long time no see! You went to our city Yokohama😍

1 year ago

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