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Day 2 had me wondering why the bidet control in the toilet was detachable. Is it for when the boy is on the toilet, I can anyhow press to make the water spray at him wtf

Our plan was to head to Enoshima today - which was about 1 hour away from Tokyo.

We sat on this suspended monorail which had me feeling like my insides were suspended, too - because the monorail was only supported by tracks that was on top of the train. 😱

Every time the train turned or went into a tunnel, a scene from Final Destination would flash in my mind.

The Cousin bought us to her favorite burger place in Enoshima which sold Hawaiian styled burgers.

I am not a big fan of burgers because it's messy but I'd say THE FRIES WERE AMAZING. And that's something to say because I love potatoes and I eat potatoes every goddamn day.

As usual, the abundance of vending machines in Japan. I'm making it a point to collect all these small little bottles cos they're just too damn cute. (And makes for easy bringing around)

Plus point: still lucky enough to catch these pink flowers... :)

I'd thought by the time we arrived in Tokyo, we wouldn't have a chance to see these flowers anymore. But here they are! 🌸 (Not Sakura but also pink so #alsocan)

After walking through Iwaya Caves (which was too dark to take any pictures...) we ended up at the beachfront in front of the caves where we got the Cousin to take a couple of shots for us.

I thought we could print them and place them in our future home next time! Some sort of like a couple shoot, but more candid and would hold real memories for us, and at a country we really love.

👫 - hey we match this emoticon

I really like this hair flying picture 😂

The 3 of us! The rest of the family will arrive tomorrow and we will truly start this family trip.

The view at the back was pretty amazing, but Dayre's square crop had it chopped off. 😒

Day 111

Friday, 21 Apr 2017

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ilovehoneystars (avatar)

ilovehoneystars Awww have a great time 💕

1 year ago

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Alohawaiian30 Enjoy your time ❤️

1 year ago

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