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April 2019

This is the reason why i will never ever let you “help” me take care of or watch Edith for even a fucking minute. I was only gone for THRITY seconds and you fed her chocolate when you knew she’s been coughing for a week 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I really, really envy mummy friends who have at least a person to trust and care for their kiddos while they go partor, shop etc etc when i can’t even leave her with you for a minute without worrying you will feed her with nothing but junk because you “love” her. WTFF.

March 2019

February 2019

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23 Feb - Told Edith she has to quit nen nen because big girl already. Also remind her every hourly on a daily basis “you have to quit nen nen” like a broken record.24-25 Feb - latch one boob instead of the usual 2 for 1 short minute before she rolled down to her own bed to zzzz.

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Edith: *walks into the kitchen with her toy luggage in hand* i’m going to the aeroplane already.Me: *chopping carrots* oh really? Where are you off to then?Edith: aeroplane flying in the sky.Me: oh so you’re travelling alone? Without mommy?Edith: i’m bringing mickey mouse and minnie mouse.

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