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January 2019

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30yo vs 40yo

#fomo the #10yearchallenge hahahOk technically photo on the right was taken in Oct ‘18 on my birthday. I could have used a more recent photo but i wanted the same angle with a similar pose! Not exactly 10yrs but a coupla months difference only so give chance okay?P.S. on the left is a 2009 photo taken in Bali.

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Posted this on ig stories. I only mentioned 313 and JEM.

J was a male colleague i would always bumped into when taking a 🚬 break. Oh yes, i used to take puff breaks for networking purposes. I could smoke up to 10 sticks a day but funnily enough, i was never addicted (thank God). I could go without it for days and not feel a single bit of nicotine withdrawal. It’s super weird but it’s a good problem to have i guess cos i didn’t have problem “trying to quit”.Sorry i digress.

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What do you do when the baby sleeps?

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