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updated 4 years ago

Some of you may know that I’m married to @Sheylara. Yes, she is THAT lucky.

It’s been a blissful 85 days since our tiny little ceremony in Singapore.

We’ve always said we’d have a nice UK wedding this year (June 14) for all our UK friends and family, and anyone who can be bothered to make the trip over from Singapore. But due to various reasons (check her www.sheylara.com blog for details), we are now unsure whether to go ahead with it or not.

It mainly comes down to money and stress.

The money would be VERY useful for our new house purchase in the next few months (in UK no such thing as ang paos, so wedding gifts are 100% non-deductable from cost), and also stress (mainly for Sheylara), which may potentially outweigh the enjoyment of the day. We are already married after all.

The problem is we cannot decide. And what do you do when you cannot decide something?

That's right, you flip a coin.

So that’s what we’re going to do tonight.

Exciting, huh?


By the way, most of my fans are probably fast asleep by now (it's 1am on the other side of the planet) so will not be able to enjoy the build up to the coin toss. I guess I should've really posted this this morning.


Just been caught practicing coin tossing and accused of cheating! Like wtf. How is that cheating?
I was just trying to see which side is more favourable....


Gonna happen within the next hour or so. We both keep putting it off lol

Here's the coin we're gonna use

It's a 50 pence coin. We're going to blow it on something extravagant to celebrate the result.


Shit. Here we go...

So heads equals YES.
Tails is NO.

Because we are too chicken to do it on one toss, we changed out minds and decided to do it best of 10.

First throw

YES 1-0 NO







YES 3-2 NO

So halfway through and YES is in the lead by one.


YES 4-2 NO


YES 4-3 No


YES 4-4 NO

NO caught back up!


YES 5-4 NO

So this could be it. One more heads and wedding bells are a ringin'!


YES 5-5 NO

So it really does come down to 1 throw. Geez, stupid waste of 10 mins.

Ok, so here we go.

Final throw.

Heads we are having a wedding. Tails we're getting a nicer home.









(\ /)
( . .)


It's tails.

It's a no.

It's...... rather rather sad :(

Day 22

Wednesday, 22 Jan 2014

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stumpbo (avatar)

stumpbo All the best! Whatever side the coin lands!

4 years ago

Secretfairy (avatar)

Secretfairy Haha good luck piers! I'll be checking out for the result once I wake up the next morning. 😁✌️

4 years ago

mrsveryvera (avatar)

mrsveryvera I'm so nervous for both of you! Hope you two will be happy with the outcome of the coin toss!

4 years ago

Sleepyhui (avatar)

Sleepyhui invest in a house, then sell it, then buy another property and make money... till when its enough, you can have the most grand wedding however you wish, in anywhere in the world. =)

4 years ago

Sleepyhui (avatar)

Sleepyhui *grandest

4 years ago

misswotsit (avatar)

misswotsit Good luck :)have a small ceremony and ask kindly your guests contribute money for your new pad :) doesn't have to be expensive. Registrar, marquee and get your awesome friends and family to help out with a buffet for guests :)

4 years ago

bubbielicious (avatar)

bubbielicious @piers Isn't it called a wishing well?

4 years ago

bunnytang (avatar)

bunnytang So exciting! Maybe u can open bets for it, might even make sm $$! Lol. May the odds be ever in both ur favour. So who's tossing the coin?!

4 years ago

ivygheee (avatar)

ivygheee Im still up !! *waves from the other side of the planet* so gan zheong after reading ur post ! imma sleep now and wait for ur good news =)

4 years ago

minyu (avatar)

minyu I've been to weddings in London (non-Chinese) and i've still given red packs. Maybe those Singaporean guests will too :). I just fig thats what's trad for me and its not like they would object. Good luck either way.

4 years ago

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