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Have been and will be travelling quite a fair bit next few weeks...

Last Tuesday over 2 nights, it was destination Hong Kong..

Was there to speak at a our partner's fund raising conference...

Wasn't too sure what to expect as I'm not a very 'financially-savvy' sorta guy. Have always been more on the artsy side... As you can say, the dreamer...

Was there to present about mamee, our performance over the last year and what's ahead...

Public speaking doesn't really bother me. Have done quite a few over the years but this crowd was rather foreign... The really serious, 'wall-street' peeps... And they look serious...

To make matters worse... I was the first to present for the day...

So I introduced myself... And where I was from... And that President Obama just visited us and did this.... A #selfie... And how I think we should take one too...

To my surprise and delight, everyone burst into laughter...

The presentation went well although we over-ran... :) the rest of the day, I sat as an audience listening in awe of the other companies presenting. This company from Korea were the stars of the show... They are called Young Toys...

Young Toys are awesome as they are one of the companies that challenges the status quo to redefine how businesses can not only compete in today's competitive environment but also excel profitably.

Young Toys, as it's name suggests, sells toys... But instead of doing what their competitors do, Young Toys decides to zig when the rest are zagging... Instead of just creating awesome products and market them the traditional way, eg with a TVC, print ad, etc... Young Toys, decided to launch short animation series of its toys... Their flagship brand is Tobot, Korea's take of transformers...

Today, Tobot is Korea's No1 toy for Boys. And it's animation series... Over 150 mil views on YouTube...

Following the success of Tobot, Young Toys launched #secretJouju following off the formula of #kpop... In its short existence, #secretJouju is now bigger than Barbie in Korea...

It was a short, but really inspiring trip... Learnt a lot from some very successful companies that our partner, Headland owns..

It's companies like Young Toys that proves that there is always a better way of doing things... #blueOcean #conformitySucks #innovateOrDie

Not sure why... But working in the plane really does it for me. Some of my most inspired moments and ideas are generated 30,000 feet above...

With some time to kill at the HK airport, I killed my wallet with these babies... Never liked #beats as I feel they are too mainstream... Got these #sennheiserMomentum head phones... They are awesome... Travelling so much now, most of the time alone, so I thought this purchase is fully justified... Kekekke

Such a beauty... The details...

Came with a nice brown cover... #ilovebrown


In the plane back, also read that today's current happenings around the globe... Cat prostitution... Sigh... How dare they... Hahah

The thought of people coming into cat cafes to de-stress by stroking on the pussies on display... Over tea and croissant... The horor... What have we come to...

This sticker captures the concept well...


#datenight for my babies' mommy! #mummyday

Lobster Pasta! Loading up the carbs before burning it tomorrow!

The wife and I

After dinner we went to AvenueK for a walk. Spotted Muji and @laysee insisted that we customize some note books...

Have to admit I had fun!

The stamp station. Basically you take an empty notebook and customize it with these stamps!

I worked on Javier's. This is the front.

And this the back!

Day 130

Saturday, 10 May 2014

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little_flower (avatar)

little_flower Haha humour never fails at talks

4 years ago

shirmein (avatar)

shirmein Its amazing to be able to travel the world and listen to innovative businesses.

4 years ago

pierrepang (avatar)

pierrepang @charlenechang @shirmein you guys are right on both fronts...

4 years ago

shirmein (avatar)

shirmein How do you get yourself involved in such events? I just started my small start up.. life is challenging as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs should make dayre their virtual social circle. Your entries have been inspiring. We need more people like you sharing the journey.

4 years ago

pierrepang (avatar)

pierrepang @shirmein you are right! Entrepreneurialship is tough business. But it's fulfilling... Nothing substitutes hard work and positivity. @timothytiah and @bossming are great examples of successful young entrepreneurs who have worked hard and made it. Am sure #deliverEat have a bright future too. Enjoy the journey!

4 years ago

timothytiah (avatar)

timothytiah Ah good entry. I enjoyed reading it. Really

4 years ago

pierrepang (avatar)

pierrepang @timothytiah thanks bro

4 years ago

shirmein (avatar)

shirmein Thanks @pierrepang. @timothytiah, encourage more entrepreneurs to take up dayre. Make this a virtual support ecosystem for people who are doing business. Would be cool for all to learn from each other.

4 years ago

chewiezxc (avatar)

chewiezxc ahh I went to customize books at muji too today! Sadly the one in sg doesn't have so many designs of stamps :(

4 years ago

blissfulsummer (avatar)

blissfulsummer Hahaha cat prostitution 😂😂😂

4 years ago

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