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April 2019

I really think that personal space matters a lot to me. Hahahaha. The mrt isn’t very packed you know guyssss. Can shift your convo further~~

I’m so weak . I hate myself

So stressed I can’t deal. Why is it that I’m always back to this state .. I really need to get stronger. Mind is in a mess and it’s so hard to focus. But that’s exactly what I need to do now. Sighs NEED TO CALM DOWN

March 2019

TAking a breather this early in the morning. I really love good sleep, sleep without thinking about work. I know.. it sounds abit exaggerated. But by no means am I trying to do so. The good sleep really put me in a better mood despite the bloated tummy. Can’t help but feel thankful for your presence and my family. I can’t wait, and really hope, to be able to pass and learn how to drive you guys ard soon

It’s just felt unfair I Guess? I don’t understand why you can always get away w stuff. Act as you please. I don’t even feel I’m the most spoilt here but seems like I’m the one being viewed that way. Am I calculative ? I probably am. I hate being taken advantage of. You might not feel that you are taking advantage/ doing it w the intention to take advantage, but you are. You are so grossly self absorbed but I will do what I should do .

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