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How does acne occur?

Phew, super long day at work. 😪

On the bright side, I can wake up later tomorrow since I'll be going to Central London for the meeting instead of the ulu office. 😁😁😁

But thinking very very hard about what to wear cause I didn't expect to be going and have already worn my presentable work clothes. D:

How siaaaa

But okay boss say wear trendy so I guess no need to be dressed formally?

And and, ripped jeans is trendy right? 😂😂😂 but lmao better not it's still a meeting with the big customer.

Also, my boss is back from Russia and I literally smelled her before I saw her 😍 cause the whole place just smelled of her perfume.

Yea she's the one who wears Portrait of a Lady. 😍😍😍

Greeted her with a bise (kiss on the cheek) and after that I could smell PoaL on me the whole day LOLOL

She also brought back some Russian cake made of peanut, chocolate and flaky pastry. Man it was good. I had three pieces, and I kept forgetting to take a picture? #glutton

Wahhhhh so excited for the meeting tomorrow 🙊 slightly nervous too omg

Oh and big boss (no not him lmao) finally came to the office LOL managed to run the project idea by him finally and he said okay wooooooooo

He also asked me about my not taking days off and choosing to get money. 🤑 LOLOL then he tell me to treat him to Chinese food with the money 😂


Okay time to get cracking with my post!

Hmm...what should I write about today?

How does acne occur?

Disclaimer first!

This is written with my knowledge as a cosmetic science student. I have referred to published literature written for the industry so this is NOT from a dermatological background.

To be honest I think dermatology and cosmetic science need to work even closer. Both have so much to learn from each other.

Sebaceous gland

Recap of the structure of the skin which you can read about in part 1 of my guide to moisturisers.

Generally, a sebaceous gland is attached to a hair follicle. (This diagram calls it the oil gland)

The sebaceous gland, hair and hair follicle make up the pilosebaceous system.

The sebaceous glands secrete an oily material we all know as sebum.

Sebum is meant to lubricate and waterproof hair but (provided you subscribe to evolution) as humans lost their hair covering, the sebaceous glands lost their sense of purpose so they decide to make your life difficult by enabling pimples. 😂


Sebum consists of:

• triglycerides
• fatty acids
• wax esters
• squalene
• cholesterol esters

Its secretion is triggered by hormones, which are more active during teenage years.

The hormone of interest here is an androgen hormone, dihydrotestosterone which is a more potent form of testosterone.

This hormone is converted from testosterone by an enzyme 5-alpha reductase.

I mentioned 5-alpha avocuta (butyl avocadate) in part 6 of my guide to moisturisers.

This ingredient reduces the activity of the the enzyme which in turn reduces the conversion of dihydrotestosterone which in turn reduces the production of sebum.

Acne formation

The hair follicle, like the rest of your skin, is lined with the stratum corneum (SC).

The SC sheds the cells into the follicle which usually flows freely to the surface of the skin.

An acne lesion forms when this doesn't happen.

In this case, the mixture of sebum and shed SC has formed a plug in the hair follicle. This plug gets infected and bacteria breaks down some of the components of sebum.

Okay I have to stop here, got stuff to prep for the meeting tomorrow!

I'll continue with the types of acne tomorrow!

Thank you for reading 💕 and let me know if you have questions regarding acne! I'll try to find the answers! :)

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Thursday, 25 Aug 2016

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dailyrant (avatar)

dailyrant Thank you for your your informative post again!

I've a burning question for you! Recently I have red flushed on my cheeks during office hours. A little background information about my skin care routine. In the morning I'll tone, serum, moisture and put on sun screen. During mid day I get those red flushed on my checks. I'll then use face mist to calm it down. Do you know what could have been the cause?

Thank you so much. 😘😘

2 years ago

pgtxl (avatar)

pgtxl Hmmm tough one, there can be so many causes and the product you use. Just gonna randomly take a shot, do you sit facing a window? 😊

2 years ago

dailyrant (avatar)

dailyrant @pgtxl Thank you for your reply! I don't actually sit facing a window.

2 years ago

pgtxl (avatar)

pgtxl @dailyrant hmm okay then we can strike out redness due to sun exposure. Again I'm not a dermatologist ah so physiological responses are not my strong suit. Does this happen everyday even through the weekend?

2 years ago

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