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Do stretch mark creams work?

A P&G research fellow came in to give us a lecture on the skin from a more biological point of view which was all really interesting and incredibly geeky πŸ€“

At some point, I asked him about oils/creams that claim to prevent or get rid of stretch marks; do they actually work and if so, how?

Before that tho, you must remember that cosmetics are only meant to change the appearance of the skin on a non-physiological scale, i.e. cosmetics DO NOT "treat" conditions, medication does.

With that in mind, I'll explain how stretch marks form.

Formation of stretch marks

Stretch marks form when there is a sudden increase in volume of the contents in the body that needs to be kept in by the skin, i.e. sudden weight gain, pregnancy.

When the skin cannot cope with this rapid expansion, the lower level of the skin splits, exposing the papillary dermis. This layer contains the blood vessels, which is why fresh stretch marks may appear red.

In a bid to "recover", the body produces collagen rapidly and dumps them into the sites where the fissures and cracks in the skin are.

Collagen reflects light and so that's why stretch marks appear silvery or white.

And this is where the question pops up again, do stretch mark creams actually do anything?

Sad to say this but they don't. Stretch mark creams do NOT "prevent" or "treat" or "remove" or "erase" stretch marks.

At least not theoretically anyway.

Creams can't "add" collagen cause the molecular weight is way too high, it'll just sit on the surface of the skin.

And neither can these preparations prevent the "cracking" of the skin.

Also, it's a very common misconception but rapid weight loss does NOT cause stretch marks. Excess loose skin, yes but not stretch marks.


The thing A sent is finally here HAHAHA

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thatjaybird Aww sweet! 😍

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summerlovee How about anti wrinkle creams? Do they work?

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seiwling what about bust firming creams? do they work?

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