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Exfoliation & Collagen | 3INA

Waiting around for a phone call and my room doesn't have the most fantastic recep so I'm stuck in this corner of my room LOLOL

Feeling very productive today cause I went for a run at the nearby park today

I can haz park with a lake too yay :D

Went to the gym afterwards and wow I've gotten so much weaker after a year of sedentary lifestyle and crisps πŸ˜‚

I am so unfit and gluttonous πŸ˜‚ crap

Had beehoon with black pepper beef and courgette & carrot for lunch!

Cosmetics & the skin

Shall share a few interesting things I learnt/got reminded of in the lecture on Monday.


This is a facial/beauty therapy thing that's got nothing to do with cosmetics but I thought it's equally important.

Microdermabrasion is, to put it crudely, sandpaper-ing the skin.

This removes the stratum corneum (read: Day 223 post on the structure of the skin) and thus "promotes the absorption of actives".

However, this is actually really dangerous because this exposes the lower layers of the epidermis.

Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) increases because the SC is not there as a barrier to prevent the water from leaving your skin. This leads to your skin drying out.

And it is also an open door for microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses etc. to get into your skin 😱😱😱😱 you DON'T really want that

So yea, microdermabrasion does make you skin smoother and more radiant but that's really because it scratches off a layer of your skin. Definitely rethink getting one.

Chemical peels

On the topic of exfoliation, I asked her about the use of AHAs and PHAs (note that BHAs do NOT exfoliate but work by getting into the pores to get the gunk out)

Chemical peels can be dangerous as well, especially if their strength is too high - the entire epidermis may be removed 😱😱😱

But okay to clarify (in case you're about to panic), these high-strength chemical peels are not available off the shelf.

Herpes & love

She was talking about a laser procedure used for exfoliation in beauty salons that have caused herpes outbreaks 😱 I'm not really sure about the details la

So she asked us:

Do you know what is the difference between true love & herpes?


Herpes is forever.

I burst out laughing LMAO I obviously have a very low threshold for funny things πŸ˜‚


Going to be covering delivery systems for active ingredients but basically, for the active to "get into the deeper layers of the skin", the actives have to be:

• lipophilic (oil-soluble)
• < 500 Daltons (small molecular weight/size)

And collagen has a molecular weight of 100,000 daltons.

So collagen doesn't actually get "absorbed" by the skin if it's used in creams. It just sits on the surface.

What formulations can do is to incorporate the building blocks of collagen and hope they come together inside the skin.

Uh...not very reliable ah

Which is why claim support is necessary!! Proper evidence is necessary to support product claims and ensure that customers will not feel cheated.

Different countries have different requirements when it comes to supporting claims tho so this is very sketchy 😐

#dayrebeauty #pheebscosmeticsguide

3INA Cosmetics

Pronounced "Mina", #3ina is a new beauty brand that plans to take up a quick response model like the fashion industry by creating products that have a quick turnaround.

I popped into their shop at Covent Garden on Monday to have a look and wow their range is M A S S I V E for a new brand; face, eyes, lips, nails, skincare, brushes.

I haven't tried everything but I did try this,

Their cream eyeshadow

I didn't get the shade number la but if you are interested let me know and I might pop in again to check!

It's an interesting texture, really intrigued me but I'm a makeup noob lol

It's a lot more creamy than moonshot's jelly pot

Lightly blended out

Really nice pearl and I think it might wear longer than a powdered eyeshadow!

This shade looks like it might do a good as a highlighter too.

Wah okay now that school has started, I realise I don't have 4 hours to spare every night to read and write on dayre 😭

And I told myself I'd gym and also get a part time job. Sobz.

It's been so hectic LOL cries

Oh well. Busy is good πŸ˜…

Day 279

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016

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crazycatlady (avatar)

crazycatlady I actually told an ex "I'm like herpes, I'll live in your spine forever πŸ˜‚" #creepymuch

2 years ago

pgtxl (avatar)

pgtxl HAHAHA @crazycatlady oh god so terrible LOLOL πŸ˜‚

2 years ago

crazycatlady (avatar)

crazycatlady Btw will Lolol dry out your skin? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜­

2 years ago

pgtxl (avatar)

pgtxl @crazycatlady if it does, I'll look like a raisin LOLOL

2 years ago

jsjmxx (avatar)

jsjmxx I think i'll probably wait for the release of your first skincare product that treats all kinds of skin problems - #pheebsmagiccream LOL

2 years ago

AhhMeow (avatar)

AhhMeow I will wait for that too!! #pheebsmagiccream

2 years ago

AhhMeow (avatar)

AhhMeow I always thought collagen can be absorbed if it is used on the surface rather than consuming it! So those sheet mask with collagen is not exactly useful too? And how about collagen in food? Like those food supplements or ηΎŽδΊΊι”…?

2 years ago

walnutcake (avatar)

walnutcake Hi, ^^ will the stratum corneum grow back after a microdermabrasion or a chemical peel? 😱

2 years ago

TheJudgmentalFoodie (avatar)

TheJudgmentalFoodie @bitteraloevera hey I learned in biology class that collagen is a protein - so when you consume it, collagen is actually broken down and excess protein is converted to fats πŸ˜‚ so no eating collagen won't help sadly.

2 years ago

AhhMeow (avatar)

AhhMeow @ilusuens yeah! I learnt that too.. but there's so many collagens health supplements in the market that makes me ponder and wonder! Hahaha

2 years ago

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