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Starting to blog again after a long hiatus.

August 2019

My ex boss cum kinda fren said she has intention to resign. I got a rude shock cos she once told me we just have to do our part, get paid and how good the company benefits are. So I would never tot she would have any intention to leave. Apparently she claimed that she has bad chemistry with the new big boss. This lady, she even tot of having a 2nd child when she forever complained that her hubby doesnt contribute any cent to household.

Went on a field trip with S today. Taking the boat along singapore river. Parents were told to wait elsewhere so that they can do their usual thing before heading out to take the bus. When S came out and saw me, her face lit up ok. She was so happy to see me still there. Then later she said I love you mummy. Said a few times and hugged me. I think shes really happy that I'm with her. Also we managed to book a trip to genting for 1st wkend of Sept since it's tcher day means cc closed.

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My fil has gone back! 🥳 very happy cos I need not endure seeing things I dun want to see. Mainly being dirty. Met up with my frens for bday celebration (not mine) ytd night and my fil commented that I cannot even stand one more night. Hahahaha. Well the thing is I try not to have any gatherings during this period but my frens schedule were tight too, so no choice.Previously i posted on ig that my fil left the dishes in the sink with my caption "i dun think his son married a maid".

The other day J brought S to porroro on his own. Fil and me going to join at first but fil tummy wasnt feeling good, so he decided to stay home and rest. I am not feeling the mood to be out (I wanted to join them at first cos fil going mah, so feel like I shd go tog) so i stayed home too. J sent me updates of S in the playground. Oh at first want to go kidsania but the queue was too long, so chose porroro.

A few random things to update wrt S. Let's start off with school bully. There was this boy (diff) from the previous who kept hitting her. S once mentioned his name and I checked with tcher whether theres such a boy and yes, there is. Few days later, I bumped into them, the boy and the parents. I think I wrote abt this b4. He just pushed S slightly while walking past. The mom just shoo him. S got a cut one day. I asked her what happen. She told me that same boy hit her. At first she told J

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2nd last full day in Bali! Nua much! Hahaha. I'm really not those type of people who can sit in the beach and suntan. But I can sit in the shelter and enjoy food and drinks while admiring sunset/sunrise. U know what I mean? Not a fan of heat but dislike extreme cold too. Cool temperature works. Bali is not as hot or humid as spore, but man, still sweat!

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