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Starting to blog again after a long hiatus.

February 2019

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Aloha! Giving myself a break today cos omg damn sleepy no thanks to sleeping late and S waking up so early 😔 S misses J a lot when he was on biz trip. Kept asking for him. Wants to stick with him when he’s home. Ytd J accidentally ordered dinner to be sent to home instead of his office, so he took his laptop home to work. Idiot client is lidat. Wanna try to file the deal one wk prior than planned date when it’s impossible. Indiaaaaaa 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Packed S stuff into these Toyogo boxes instead of the carton boxes cos they’ll remained packed inside at our new place! She still has 4 more carton boxes besides these.Actually dunno whether I’ll leave in there or put them in the bunk bed. Cos there’s a lot of storage, albeit small. These boxes won’t be a waste cos our bed frame oso storage kind. So can put stuff in these boxes then put inside the bed frame.

J is away for biz trip till thu. This morning, S took her blanket with her and walked to the living room without waking me up. J usually is sitting in the living room already and I’ll usually still be lazing in bed. Hahaha.So when she dun see J at the sofa, she just sat down sulking. Hahahaha.I had to snap her off her sad moments by telling her she needs to change into uniform then go sch. Today they going library! 1st time for her leh. Hahahah.

Had been spending time packing and throwing stuff over the wkends. Finally taking a break now. Felt so good throwing lotsa stuff away, like hairdryer, straightener, cutler, a coach bag (gifted by the fil which is not my cup of tea, and it’s turning dirty cos I didn’t take care of it. Only wore 2x ?)I mean these things are not cheap. But I told myself really got no use, just throw. J tried to tear down those old big boxes (cos we re-packed, just to throw anything else) and throw down the

Ytd I put up those measuring height poster thingy and tried to check S’ height. I saw 98cm, so I figured by April sure hit 1m. Told J abt it, then he said cannot be. Cos she was only 89cm when she was 24m2w old. Which is ard 2nd wk of jan. So I tot hmmm, maybe I did measure wrongly. So this morning I told him to measure again. He said she’s 1m+ 😯 I got a shock then went to check myself. Really leh. Omg! We found out LA has another Disney which has a lot of pixar characters, v good. So

Did I mention that the other day my ID just did a Super brief defect check and found more. J oso spotted a few. Trust me, I really wanna explode. Not at them but bcos of how bad the workmanship is when we paid so much money for it. Then they oso took out all the tapes where I indicated the defects. I dunno how they’ll do all well. Really dun think it’ll be corrected by end this mth. My ID kept saying must rush them. Ya like how?

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