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please don’t read if you know me irl 🙂

January 2019

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Might be too harsh in my post last night bc I was feeling relieved + hurt at the same time wtf. 🙂Woke up this morning telling myself that what’s meant to be will be, and that I should take this time to improve myself and perhaps rebuild the friendships I have sort of neglected while we were still together. Jetting off to the land of pasta tonight, and I’m ready to explore the city as i have 4 days there. Wish me luck hehe hopefully the girl below me will be my kaki hahaha 🙂


Looking back at the conversation, it’s good that we finally ended things. No matter how great you were, I should never ever have to settle with someone who until the end, doesn’t even know what he wants/can’t say what he wants out loud. That question was merely a yes or no, and yet you could reply with a “I think” follow by something that’s neither a definite nor indefinite no. And wow, on the context of not wanting to hurt me even more? Haha i feel like a joke but at least I’ve tried okay.

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starting 2019 right

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I last logged in and in this new year I just want to start documenting my life again. I ended 2018 on a rather bad note. I spent the whole month battling with my own emotions, living in denial about what has happened, and shut everyone out because I was too upset to talk about it to anyone, including my closest friends. I’m still struggling with the fact that what I want isn’t what I need, but I know that time will heal eventually.

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