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Happy new year pull your ears

2018 has been a hell of a ride!
From finally graduating from poly,
To continue working my part-time at LB,
To quitting LB bcus of the environment (heard that it’s much much better now),
To looking for jobs and settled at something lesser and now hoping to get a new opportunity to finally upgrade myself.

And jetting off to korea in a super cold weather. It was the highlight of my 2018.

Someone I’m very thankful for.
Because I always bail out on her and she never give up on me.

I hope in this new year, I’ll be able to be a better friend for her who’ll stop bailing out on her and start getting more outings with this dear girl of mine!! ❤️

My low maintenance liver failure ✨

The ones who open up so much with each other and I’m glad that I can do, too.

Lastly, my favourite human that spends the whole 9 years with me.

Thank you for being the biggest pillar of support 💕

Day 3

Thursday, 3 Jan 2019

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