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Fixing the broken pieces

March 2019

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Travelling back to Alvin’s place so there’s this time frame to update for a little while! Finally done and dusted with my second module!!!Although it only lasted for 6 days but it felt like 6 weeks πŸ˜‚

February 2019

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Don’t really know if I’ll be able to do this.Please please please let it be a manageable paper 😭

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Saw this really good place for dining at my friend’s insta story. Did a reservation the next minute to dine with Alvin.

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Praying situation Every year without fail πŸ€— πŸ“ Toa Payoh

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Attended my first day of school!!!!! Still getting to know everyone and still trying to really come out from my shell and be the bubbly and outgoing girl I am. It’s really difficult with strangers. And a big group of adults. But, it’s only the first day! Hopefully it’ll be easier soon!!! ☺️

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Was at work at 8AM on the 1st of Feb. “I thought your shift is at 0830 for this month?”Another colleague of mine asked me.“???!!!! Today is Feb already???? I thought it’s still Jan!”Turned out that I got my dates wrongly HAHAHADidn’t know Feb will reach so quickly. CANT WAIT FOR MY LONG HOLIDAY!!!! (For CNY I mean)And I slept for around 12 hours because I got so tired from all the sleep debt.

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