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Last night I dreamt that I could see animal spirits.

I was on the phone with my Friend grace, and was sitting at the edge of my bed, facing my wardrobe, when suddenly I felt a strange surge of energy entering and exiting me.

I decided to move away and lay deep in my bed, looking at my wardrobe. I heard an angry growl, and it felt like it was penetrating me.

A large, translucent, golden shiba inu appeared from my wardrobe. It was magnificent to look at. It had a pretty light yellow, shiny aura around it. Despite its magnificent presence, it was ferocious and unhappy.

I spoke to it calmly, hoping to appease its anger. It quietened down, then appeared sad instead. It paced up and down and then curled itself into a ball, with its head tucked down. I spoke to it a couple more times, and it went away. Disappeared into thin air.

Then another animal appeared. It was an Evee. Yes, the Pokémon. And in my dream I recognised it as my pet that passed away. It was really tiny, palm sized, and it was happy and cozy in my wardrobe, nestled amongst my many belongings.

I smiled watching it, and left it be.

And that was the end of my dream.

Day 114

Wednesday, 24 Apr 2019

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