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February 2019

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We look so nice here ☺️

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lovely finds in Hanoi

I bought some really cute stuff in Hanoi. Shopping in Hanoi was totally unexpected because the shops are so unassuming, you wouldn’t think there is anything worth buying from just glancing at the shops along the streets. But there were so many pretty things being sold!We only had two days in the old quarter before flying back, so that’s where we walked around.

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wedding in Hanoi 2

More photos from my friends phones! Looking really sweet here

Occasionally, my monthly period is accompanied by an aching body, night sweats, a higher body temperature and a general feeling of being unwell. Ugh.

a straight line

I was just reading the dayre of a lady who’s still studying in university, at the height of discovering the world and herself. Upon pondering her musings on the classes she attended, I once again felt the passion of learning, of being deep in thought about the world, of having more questions than answers and enjoying the questioning process.

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