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November 2018

steigen electric laundry system

Anyone using a steigen drying rack in your bto service yard?Is it good? Will appreciate if you can share some insights with me. Or are there better alternatives?I want to install one as my service yard doesn't have sunlight shining in and I am afraid that my clothes wont dry well. I am adamant on relying on a dryer coz I feel its not very good for the clothes long term? Esp delicate onesMy dad says I'm wasting my money getting the stegien.He doesn't feel it's worth the money. #dayrehomes

October 2018

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I am so pissed off! Husband and I made full payment for our TV and soundbar a while ago; Pending delivery as our renovation is delayed. Last week, someone contacted us and told us that they are only down to the last 12 units of said tv but they have 15 ppl who wants it. Therefore, if we decide not to take it soon, we might not have this TV we chose.

September 2018

Trying to figure out what items to get for guo da li over the weekend. Figured tt buying from TB will be cheaper than getting from stores here. So I Wanted to cart out a number of stuff from ezbuy yesterday as they had the prime voucher tt we can use over the weekend only.Sounds like a good deal. $2.99 shipping.

Went to LB store after facial. Thought of shortlisting some dresses for my Bridesmaids. But I sinned instead. First time shopping in the store and trying out clothes in their fitting room and I left the place $120 poorer. 😩Originally settled on a dress and a top but The cashier told me I'm $3 away from a 10% discount. So I got myself another jumpsuit. 💸💸💸No more clothes buying!!

So many things to do.Brain was so occupied thinking of many things that I couldn’t sleep last night. Tossed and turned in bed till 2am. 1) wedding invitation card design. Can’t decide to self design and do smth from scratch or use the hotel’s cards.

July 2018

So tired of work these days. Sigh.

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