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October 2018

I am so sick of planning for the wedding. I am tired of people asking me questions, having stupid arguments, feeling like I am alone on some stuff. I am tired of having to instruct. Having to tell the Husband what to get done. Chasing the parents to get their part done. And don’t even want to be reminded abt the lack of concern from my in laws. While I’m trying to work things out/plan, the Husband tells me he is playing games with his bro. Speechless.

September 2018

I'm sort of on a roll! Like finally I realised I really have not much time left. bestie kept nagging at me at my wedding preparation speed for the longest of time. Sometime last week (or was it the week before last?), I ordered my invites and I received them today. The morning was spent slotting all the cards into the envelopes. I am glad I did away with that line where we have to write who to address the card to. Now we just have to write the names once on the envelope only.

Trying to figure out what items to get for guo da li over the weekend. Figured tt buying from TB will be cheaper than getting from stores here. So I Wanted to cart out a number of stuff from ezbuy yesterday as they had the prime voucher tt we can use over the weekend only.Sounds like a good deal. $2.99 shipping.

Went to LB store after facial. Thought of shortlisting some dresses for my Bridesmaids. But I sinned instead. First time shopping in the store and trying out clothes in their fitting room and I left the place $120 poorer. 😩Originally settled on a dress and a top but The cashier told me I'm $3 away from a 10% discount. So I got myself another jumpsuit. 💸💸💸No more clothes buying!!

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Bought so many of these today. 💸But. 😍😍Gonna get rid of all the existing ones that came with the unit.

So many things to do.Brain was so occupied thinking of many things that I couldn’t sleep last night. Tossed and turned in bed till 2am. 1) wedding invitation card design. Can’t decide to self design and do smth from scratch or use the hotel’s cards.

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