Penny.wiser (avatar)
updated 4 months ago

Caleb has finally conquered his fear! He had been crying inconsolable and resisting during hair cutting. We had been playing pretend play with him for the past few weeks and it works!

The free ride after the cut.

As a reward, we bought him Mr Bean ice cream!

Didi’s Halloween look

Day 293

Saturday, 20 Oct 2018

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gelatologist (avatar)

gelatologist Hahaha!!! the last photo of didi is so cuteeee!

4 months ago

_tiffany (avatar)

_tiffany how did you pretend play? haha. kris is very very scared of cutting hair also!! 😪

4 months ago

pennywiser (avatar)

pennywiser @gelatologist hahaha act 一个 fierce baby

4 months ago

pennywiser (avatar)

pennywiser @_tiffany We will pretend to play cutting hair. I will tell him what I’m doing such as covering him with the towel, cut his hair and will tell him we will treat him ice cream after cutting. Have to do this many times. Every time bring him to cut hair is really 捏一把冷汗。He will cry and wriggle and we have to restraint him very hard.

4 months ago

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