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updated 5 months ago

Happy 3 months old!
In fact, he’s 3 months 1 day old today.
He’s so smiley today and I’m so thankful that I manage to capture it.
Somehow babies look incredibly cute in this kind of swaddle.

I’m going to remember this moment with you Nathan. Just you and me cuddling on the bed. Can’t imagine that you were once a difficult baby in your second month. I love you so much my baby!

Caleb and Nathan.
Very easy to tell who is who because of Caleb’s birthmark.
But aside from that, I think they kind of look similar.

Day 240

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2018

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jjjoan (avatar)

jjjoan Ya very similar.. hope i have my baby boy soon. They’re way too cute

5 months ago

pennywiser (avatar)

pennywiser @jjjoan haha they are really very cute. Take photos of them everyday because they grow up so fast!

5 months ago

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