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There was an auntie who swept 4 boxes of 12 cupcakes right in front of me which left me no choice to sweep the remaining.
The poor pregnant lady behind me looks disappointed because the popular flavours were all gone and really 剩几只小猫only.
Felt very bad but no choice la...
Sorry to the pregnant lady...

Good hair day!
Normally the ends will sway left and right like a broom.
It’s going to be a long day.
Accompany my mother for consultation.
Then going to look at car.
Next going back to Caleb’s school cos they have some event going on.
Going to miss didi much!

His art piece! Selling for $10’which will be donated to charity. I have to support my son yo! 不买都不行。


The rest are his friends’ art pieces. I’m surprised that he can name his friends name. Teacher also commented that he can speak more now. Most importantly he can express himself.
Caleb: “Mummy happy, Papa happy, Ah Ma happy, Grandpa happy, baby happy. “
Thank you Caleb for reaffirming us that you are growing in a happy environment. This is the most important and I hope you can continue to spread your happiness to us.

Going to try acid on my face to reduce the clogged pores.
One of my favourite pastime is to squeeze my whiteheads in front of the mirror. The best place is usually the fitting room because they have the best lighting.
That satisfaction of squeezing all the whiteheads out is 💯.
And I like to watch those videos of whiteheads squeezing out. Hahahaha a bit 变态 but it’s so therapeutic for me. Anyone with me?

Day 242

Thursday, 30 Aug 2018

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geoks yeah, your hair looks nice!!

5 months ago

pennywiser (avatar)

pennywiser @geoks Thank you!

5 months ago

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