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random musings & rants

September 2018

Selling a pair of tickets to the Podium Lounge (F1 after party) for $200!!

April 2018

What’s the point of buying so many pretty clothes when I hardly get to go out and put them on?What’s the point of talking to so many random people online when I’m not getting replies from the person I want to talk to the most? ):I don’t blame him because I know what work is like and the time difference is something neither of us can control.But the fact still stands that LDR has very sucky moments.

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The truth about Fave deals

❌1Gravity at Tanjong Pagar Centre❌

March 2018

5 years ago, 5 years on, life will be so different.Unable to fall asleep and as the night falls, I can’t help but scroll back at Facebook memories and old photos.Sweet, young and still relatively innocent at 21; the lavish 21st birthday celebrations we all had, the fun photo booth props we played with. Looking back at these photos, and of all the friends I invited, how many of them are still close to my heart now?Life changes too quickly.

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Worst Monday in a long time to come

February 2018

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Happy CNY everybody!!Woohoo decked head to toe in #taobao buys.Everything for S$40!!!Dress: #tansshop $20It’s a little loose cus I sized up to get M since I was afraid of it being too fittingComes with padding but I still wore strapless bra inside cus the padding too big for me but I lazy alter hahaEarings: $1 only??Bag: $5 only but it’s kind of cracking already cus I stuffed too much shit inside hahaShoes: $15Pretty but gives me blisters so I don’t really recommend it

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