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After back , got ready to go out for date night with husband . Went prawn fishing after days of planning .

Husband was like let's race to see who gets the most prawns within an hour . Quite fun not bad this dating activity hahaha

Since this is a competitive sport , and I'm competitive - I enjoyed my time . 😂

I got 3 prawns including 1 big one 😃
Husband got 1 .

Okay la I have to credit him for inserting the worm bait on my rod , and then helped unhook the prawn from the rod . 😂 Sorry his wife too princess liao wtf

I did try to put the worm okay but it kept squirming and I can feel my whole skin hair standing up . And the prawn so violent liao !! It kept trying to attack us 😂

Finally pork burger 😍 craving satisfied . Haha we used to tapao from them each time they operate , (not everyday la) . They kept open close their operation , was disappointed especially when it was becoming difficult to search for nice pork burger in Kuching . Glad they reopen again today , which means pork burger all day everyday until they cease their operation once more 🙄

I failed.

That frustrating moment when I qiao-ed my time 30 minutes earlier after a new day just so I can get it all into one day post , but I didn't notice I passed the time and dayre uploaded the last bit of my posts on a new day why why why why why 😭 oh well .

I know I play cheat and didn't update on time , but don't liddis play with my heart also ma . Haih

When you had a fight with your spouse & you just want to keep silent until he comes over, cause ego y'all. But at the same time, you want to give up on your pride and ego because you miss his hugs. What logic brain. Please just choose only one reaction to feel.

That moment when Xavier is so fair , and the spotlight is at him that the picture I took came out overexposed ☚ī¸ oh well

His class did the cowboy dance this time, and he was quite the leader when his friends entered his circle and exited theirs, simultaneously crowd his dancing space - he told them to move / come back to their original spot when they're not . Xavier pls hahahaha .

This time I clever I use HDR 😂 the first many pictures were overexposed/he block himself/people block him hahaha.

This was their finale - singing to Greatest Love by Whitney Houston, which was also their theme this year.

From the stage, he waved to me with the paper heart and shouted I love you. Aww sometimes he does the darnedest thing that makes me shed some tears heh

When he was on stage, I shouted BABY BABY BABY and wave like a crazy woman .

Also, sad this was my view the whole night heh . Since I sat quite front , parents kept coming to our spot to take pictures. Ya okay , I understand that they're being enthusiastic parents , ☚ī¸ but uh it gets irritating when they block our views man. I paid to watch my kids / other kids perform, not watch phones in air / human body. Heh

Worse is , the official photographer is just as annoying as these parents photographers . The most annoying, most relax photographer ever . Prolly didn't even break a sweat like normal photographers 🙄 he sat at the empty VIP seat , and for the first 1 hour and 30 minutes , he kept sitting up and down to take pictures . Huhh it's so annoying cause all I see most of the time if I don't tilt my head was his butt no kidding . Evans was at the wrong spot behind him, so he see no shit 😂

I can tell the row in front of us were pretty piss off too . Towards the end they upgraded themselves to the empty VIP seats in front . In the middle of the performance also they tried their best to watch as parents photographers came and block them , tried their best till they can't they actually shooed the parents away hahaha 😂 so pitiful us man .

Xavier classmate parents who sat behind but move in front said "I think our seats behind have better view" 😂

So yes , coming to Xavier's batch performance , I was quite worried I wouldn't be able to watch him better thanks to the official photographer . So Evans actually told him not to do what he is doing / do it correctly .

Such as , like standard photographer , they wouldn't sit down and up to take pictures . Instead we normally see them left right up down . But this guy only sits in the center & stand when taking pictures 🙄 uhhh Which is like standing up every one minute !!!!!

Imagine one hour got 60 minutes . For 30 minutes he stood up blocking our view from the performance đŸ¤Ļ

He tried giving us a better solution than doing a proper job :

I sit up take fast fast can??

I can feel my blood boiling , and as if the kettle making sizzling sound ... I told him

Actually don't have photographer sit so comfortably like you. Normally they will go left and right to take pictures , not just sit at the center

So damn annoying . 🙄 I don't usually let my patience beat me but this time I couldn't control it. I just had to đŸ¤Ļ

I understand he is doing his job as the official photographer but it looks like if this was a wedding , he would just sit at the VIP table and take pictures . Huhhh

Actually earlier on I was already damn piss off with this guy man .

Before the concert , there was a booth for parents and children to take pictures to print .

We paid quite a bit so of course we believe must take nicely right ??

Nooooo this guy kept telling us what to do and how to do it . It's not like his ideas are good . Instead of making us get a lovey Dovey photo i.e me going towards Evans , Evans hugging Xavier , Xavier hug Evans .

This guy asked us to sit straight like we take class picture liddat !!! 🙄🙄 Even hand also must put like class picture

I was so damn piss pay so much don't even give us pose what we want ??

I was so piss off I told him CAN WE TAKE PICTURE WITH POSES OF OUR CHOICE ?????

He đŸ˜ŗ stunt and said okay .

But stupid husband said no need liao . 😲😲😲 Kns . I bet our picture will come out looking awkward hurr

On top of that !!! I was so damn piss off when this guy touch little kids to tell them how to pose . If the kids don't wanna pose the way he wants , he will keep asking .

Example : this little girl in front of us , she don't wanna do peace sign ma. He keep making her do the peace sign .

Worse is he touches them everywhere !!! Like stomach , behind *insert foul word here* IF ITS MY DAUGHTER I DAMN SCOLD HIM ALREADY LIKE WTH .

For me , a photographer should never touch his model !!!!

Actually ahhhh !!!!! I would not even let people touch my daughter in uncommon place such as her stomach / back etc .

Maybe poke the cheeks okay la . Cause normal for kids BUT A BIG NO NO ELSEWHERE .

& For professional photographers , it's ethics to not touch their models omg worse if meet those aggressive people , confirm sue for harassment 😤

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