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Sugarbun's food promotion

Attended Sugarbun's Malaysia Day combo introductory press conference this morning as both blogger & writer. Haha thought they were going to introduce something new to the menu, but it's more to a seasonal combo. Nevertheless, Sugarbun's broasted chicken never cease to amaze me. Tbh I like it more than KFC haha. But their sister brand pezzo, for pizza, I'd still prefer pizza Hut hahaha.

It's actually my first time having their nasi lemak and the sambal (tbh) is my favourite kind! Sweet and spicy! Other than that, the rest are pretty much your standard old nasi lemak.

Just look at that sexy sambal hahaha.

From their Asian delight, the mushroom soup which is my MIL favourite dish to order each time she comes here.

First try on their claypot curry too. Intense herb taste if you ask me haha.

I should really revive my blog. Seriously. But there seems to be zero motivation haha and I always have nothing to post as oppose to dayre. I guess cause dayre is so personal, (even tho it's not) that I feel comfortable saying everything here. Heh

Plus, do people even read blogs nowadays? Even the once upon a time famous bloggers rarely blogs anymore while some maintain their updates only via instagram or Facebook.

I like my life simple and private, by that I mean only friends knows what's going on with my life. Hence I privatise everything online. Except dayre.

Just like how I was telling a fellow blogger, that it's such a hassle nowadays to keep a blog but it's so easy to maintain social media accounts such as instagram, Facebook, snap chat etc yet at the same time, exposing on one self is quite dangerous.

Yet it's such a hassle to open a second public account 😪 huh. Some more to advertise it to friends, and gain some followers makes me feel like I'm such a thick face person. Hahahaha. People be thinking she's not even famous, why is she trying to be someone. Many bloggers in the past creates fan page of themselves while I'm reluctant to do so, because I think like I'm not worthy enough. Hahaha

Yet at the same time, I notice how before someone becomes an influencer, they are nobody, and they dare to do self promotion. 😂 maybe that's the trick, we'll never know. Hahaha haha

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Thursday, 14 Sep 2017

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