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You know how we are always grunting and having our first world problem issues and all, always feeling like not having enough or someone else's has it better than us as they can afford more than us?

Well, recent years has deepen my horizon on life as I realised all this time I've been complaining that every thing is never enough and my life is never fair, today strikes me the most hard.

I let the maid called home this evening as it was her youngest son's third birthday - she left home for work commitments here when he was only few months old. I asked her this afternoon if he remembers her? She says highly unlikely as he was only a baby. Fortunately her eldest still remembers his mother 😞

After talking on the phone, we had a little chat and she told us how her youngest son complaint,

Mummy, I only have a candle to blow this year without the cake

I guess that's why she was weeping on the phone and she wept again while telling us about it 😟 harsh reality living in poverty. And worse is, they're among us, living together, yet sometimes we become oblivious to it.

It's quite sad to hear that especially during a birthday, someone doesn't get cake but only a candle. Never in my entire life would I imagine such situation πŸ˜–

Tbh when I heard about it, she used her language to tell me (tho our language are similar, some words are different) & I couldn't understand. She tried telling me, I assumed it was candle but asked once more cause how can only blow candle, then she gestured blowing candle and then inside me broke that this had to happen to a 3 year old.

Xavier asked me what's wrong with kakak? I told him briefly how her son couldn't afford a cake & only had to blow a candle. He said "so sad" with the really sad face 😟 told him that's why I always remind him not to complain cause someone has it worse than him. And never to show off cause not everyone can have what he has. He just kept quiet ; hopefully this can be an eye opener for him that the world can be cruel sometimes.

Actually this is my method of parenting towards Xavier. Instead of letting him have it all, I always remind him that the world is unfair and sometimes we just cannot get it all even though it is something we want to. My most used phrase is "you think life let you choose what you want is it" cause it's so true. Although your life is your choice, however at times the choices thrown are somewhat 'no choice' at all.

Repeatedly told him also that in life we have to never give up & always try our best. Of course through this way, choices thrown at us would be slightly better than nothing.

Whenever he does something wrong, I'd relate it to the law. Such as if you steal, the police will catch you and charge you for stealing, then you'd either get a fine or go to prison. Or like if you conduct violence against another person, police will charge you for physical assault.

Sometimes people comment that my parenting will not get me anywhere because a young boy simply couldn't understand the connotations of the world.

I brushed it off by saying how my son is wise hahaha which I believe is true due to how he reacts in different events.

Once I put on nickelodeon for him and they played the song video for 9/11. & he just sat on the bed and shed a tear. Inquired him what's wrong? Cause I had just done my bath.

He told me :

It's so sad that they lost their father in an accident

I sat down next to him and told him the 9/11 incident briefly, & he was like "that's so sad" πŸ˜–

Xavier is quite an emotional attach kind of boy, idk how is he going to live with a break up next time lololol he's so caring that each week after music class, while his friend only took one sweet from teacher, he'll take extra 2 just to give to me and Evans. Which he did! He purposely choose coffee for Evans cause yknow, coffee. For me he'll just get whatever cause I can eat anything haha

Told him many times not to do it cause I feel bad that the teacher has to give out more sweets when it's Xavier but teacher told me, "he thinks a lot of you and your husband" 😌

Day 253

Sunday, 10 Sep 2017

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eveforever (avatar)

eveforever sigh...that's how harsh life is, and unfair to some people. touched to hear how your son empathized too.

9 months ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella @eveforever yes 😒 you try follow Bon Appetit on FB - they're like a group of people going around distributing food to the underprivileged. the stories they tell you from them so damn sad 😒

9 months ago

eveforever (avatar)

eveforever okey I go follow . I'm always a weak ones for touching videos. will cry my heart out TTv

9 months ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella same here 😭 i just cannot handle especially​ those with kids @eveforever

9 months ago

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