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😂 procrastinated to update dayre & now it's a new day so I adjusted the time to correct my posting haha.

Started the day (officially) with red kolo mee & wantan combo for this morning's breakfast 😍 and best is, we had breakfast in town so it makes the experience of consuming better as I was surrounded among old buildings in Kuching. Just imagined all the formal informal historical event that happened! Posted this picture together with the following caption on instagram 😂👇

Starting the day with the best Kuching breakfast combo kiaw & kolo mee at a place overlooking the old streets of Padungan wondering what sort of history the vicinity created in the past - I can see the once were young oldies strolling in the street during their hayday & as I am typing this, an old lady passed through, with jade bracelet on her right wrist she asked "kueh ai mai" carrying the heavy basket of goodies with her skinny arm as though she has been doing it for years, maybe since

her hayday in this quiet, light-hearted city called Kuching, walking pass every corner of the walls; who knows what has changed over the past years, decades and even centuries.

After posting the above, I was thinking to myself why so naggy lololol.

Then afterwards husband visited a canopy sales nearby which only brought disappointment... But not for me, cause I get two pictures from this morning's shenenanigans 😃

I swear this is candid haha

Okay quick smile while husband is being generous 😄

Then it was time to go to work but somehow I get easily distracted during work cause of many reasons 🙄

During lunch I was so sure I wouldn't feel hungry or crave for something to eat... But...

Was even thinking of placing the order but felt like hmm worth it or not cause they added delivery fees which for a stingy person like me doesn't seem worth it. Like I'd rather walk out to the nearby (but far) coffee shop to have my lunch.

Messaged an acquaintance who owed a coffee shop & does delivery service as well. "help me" I asked her. "do you have any food to send to me?" 😂 tho she had strict rules on the minimum requirements of delivery, but she let loose which was thank God otherwise I'd starve wtf

RM 13 for a meal of buttery rice, egg, meat roll, broccoli, carrots & kiwi 😌 it's so worth it and healthy I felt all pink in the health thanks to it. Haaa finished this within 10 minutes of receiving.

Yepp I was that hunrgry

Day 272

Friday, 29 Sep 2017

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