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That moment when what I wrote makes people more prominent 😂 also good news to me cause I've always felt that nobody reads my article cause I always felt like it's not good enough and other reasons .

I still reminded this friend of mine to get today's paper cause her article is out . Hehehe . Glad to know the impact of my writing .

Super mom & wife today as I cleaned the room and bathroom all by myself , still got to be super pet mom as I cleaned the dog cage and feed them. Hahaha

I feel so much love and appreciation when I let my dogs out (except the two stupid young pups that never love me) , and all 3 adult dogs rush to me just to give me kisses 😍

Now gonna be super employee as I finished my procrastinated work HAHA shit gonna be busy this weekend with all the events coming .

Yayurrs I can proudly say now I have an Instagram husband . Nowadays my Instagram be filled with my own pictures that I start to feel it's a tad bit annoying and narcissistic at the same time, but I do enjoy having my ootd taken especially on a good hair day day 😃

Since husband got new telephonic lens phone (whatever that is) , he's been so eager to take my pictures cause he himself enjoys the effect of the portrait mode 😃 which is also win for me !!

MIL bought this top for me and I mad love cause it makes me look thin but not too bulky at the same time 😎

Sliced beef sandwich from Trenos for dinner this evening !

Manage to 3 way video call with my sisters just now . Missing them to bits now that my youngest sister is away to study ♥️

Among the pictures husband took

I love how it's so DSLR feel coming from a Xiaomi

Day 270

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017

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