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updated 1 year ago

got carousell scam yesterday

Just finished like 3 work task because someone who shall not be name *guilty* procrastinate the whole afternoon & evening.

I did try doing it in the afternoon, but I got scammed in the afternoon 😂 (that be a post I'll update tomorrow) and after coming back from taking away food for the family, as I wanted to finish my work, a big advertisement appear on my page with contents saying cheap children's pyjamas from the place I last bought Xavier's pyjamas.

😂 not only did I finish my tasks, I also WhatsApp people in this ungodly hour to request for materials to complete my writings. Hahaha shit me. Worse writer ever.

I also have a pending work to be done since a month ago, huh and I can't wait for that to be done so I can move onto my next project. Wow wow wow writer also can haz projects okay 😂 I've decided to do several writing projects which requires much effort & research.

Okay guhnitess

Missing my sisters so wanted to video call but I guess the both of them went to bed already 🤔

Oh ya yesterday's scammer from carousell screenshot .

When the person WhatsApp me , I immediately knew it was a scammer . Afterwards it told me he was from Selangor, & I wasn't stupid enough to believe this shit .




Afterwards I tried texting it again & I think that person block me cause couldn't even get through 😂

Wanted to get the number & saw this name under the number . Jessica Morgan.... Hmm 🤔

After I realised that person is a scam , I went back to see it carousell and saw ohhhh so fast kena suspend already hahaha.

Saw the unhappy face and click it . Oh it tried to scam others too 😂

Day 269

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017

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hishikoting (avatar)

hishikoting u insane 😂

1 year ago

MissJT (avatar)

MissJT LMAO at your replies! Good one 👍🏻

1 year ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella sad the guy didn't reply anymore heh @MissJT

1 year ago

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