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Went for a food hunt with my colleagues cause was super hungry. (To the extend of surfing through mcdelivery) 😂

Omg thought I was going to starve hahaha but my colleagues suddenly stood up with their wallets , and I self invite wtf 😂

It wasn't raining when we walked over to the nearby KFC . Once we're done tapaoing, the then drizzle turnt to rain . Had to scurried back to the office before it gets heavier . Hur

Office ootd 😂 haha

So basically this story is about a German man , his collections of bananas 😂 like seriously , he has over 10,000 of bananas and he opened a museum since early 2000.

The initial heading was quite long , and we had to minimise it to the most 8. Voila! 😂 Asked my editor, isit obscene ? He laughed and said no . Cause very direct right . 😎 It's really a German man , he really has tons of bananas , and he operates a (banana) museum.

Today's office work lasted till 630pm which was a new late for me . The latest I finished my job each Friday was 530pm and earliest 330pm.

Today somehow something happened in between 😓 it was pretty exhausting. Thank God I had lunch otherwise don't know how am I gonna survive the evening.

Also, found my office pc to have this oldies but goldies game I used to play as a child . Pinball y'all !! Doesn't seem as exciting anymore tho. I think with all our upgrades in games and graphics , 🤷

I came in sky was super bright. Okay actually semi bright cause it rained the whole day with dark clouds. But still ! I came at 11am leh 😂

My boys picked me up after work & we all had dinner at this Seng Lok kopitiam. Quite random , We just stroll along the shop lots from the main road near my office area & chance upon this shop and say let's eat chicken rice.

Not bad leh. Can go back and eat again !! Xavier ate the whole plate lehhh ~~~ BEST PART woo

This kopitiam .

Their steamed chicken was standard , however their rice was soft and fragrant! It's no wonder that Xavier finishes his portion yay

Day 251

Friday, 8 Sep 2017

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