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last night dinner - high tea - fun evening

Omg I fell asleep so early last night that I didn't get anything done . I.e watch drama / read novel / dayre . Super unproductive 😂

Since it was a public holiday yesterday , slept in with the boy till 9am before scurried to get ready for breakfast , then for work . Yes public holiday , but newspaper no such thing as public holiday 😂 we only have press holiday , which are those few holidays in a year we're allowed to call public holiday in our work line . Meh it's k . Can claim 💰💰

My fluffy ootd which inevitably made me look fat in pictures . Which made me realised how an unwise decision it was despite knowing during lunch , I had to take photos .

Proof ⬇️

It's not me fat k . It's my pants flaps open up , then made me look fat from the side . Sigh . Didn't think much , just thought side picture will make me look less fat . 😂

Me : I always try myself not to look fat in pictures
Evans : but you are fat !
Me : 😕

Anyways , it's an appreciation gift from one of the organisation I wrote for . It's an environmental cause organisation , so they gave me a necklace made of aluminium drink cans . So creative 😍 and fragile .

I opened the case and touch the necklace , & whoops the aluminium broke . Too too fragile , cannot wear especially on me , a clutz 😕

But it's also too fancy to suit me hahaha I'm a very simple person .

After work , rushed home earlier cause last night was Evans' uncle's mother's birthday ... So er.. Evans grandauntie birthday .

Tried looking like I made an effort in dressing , did I work ?? Haha bare face, just lens & head band for last night . Tho I am considering getting concealer to seal those pigmentation, pimple & eye bags . 😕 Sigh would it just work if I just use concealer without make up ? It's such a hassle .

Also Cheng asked me to draw my brows . And I'm like...

Omg where my brows go ??

Seriously I never realised my brows only half way hahahaha .

Then we have Evans Cousin who is a beautician , always asking me why my brows so furry wtf

Looked back at my first picture on this post , & now know why I never noticed I have half way brows - cause the kosong part shrouded behind my curtain hair 😂

Last night ootn was this dress I wore only once hahaha . Cause it's too fancy to be wore as casual , & I have other dinner favourites dress . But then again , I seldom go to fancy schmancy dinner also la . Less reason to dress up . 😂

Mandatory selfie with Shannen whenever we meet up or accidentally meet 😂 haha met her at Swk Club last night as we both had separate occasion there .

We used to have a gang of 4 but now it's just the two of us . We always debate about the stupidest thing , then laugh about it , laugh about ourselves & complain about everything , Ahh missing those days in college with her . ♥️

Anyways , just got back from high tea and these and the bottom picture are the only two I took using my phone . The rest in Evans phone 😋 yumms .

Still got ice kacang hahaha.

& The yellow Tapioca looking cake but it's actually cheese lolol

Had my mother tag along ♥️

Saturday evening be like :

Played snake & ladders with Evans grandma.

Whom when she looks like she was about to lose as the snake pulled her down to square one, Xavier pitied her by insisting she rolled until she gets a better number to move 😂 such empathy hahahaha. Cause in the end he lose that round 😂


Then Papa was like, I wanna wash the car. And Xavier heard him, and ran out leaving the game halfway 😂

It's like his dream come true cause he's been saying he wants, we never let, cause we ourselves don't wash car ourselves. 😂 normally just bring to car wash once in a blue moon lololol

While I played with the dogs 😛

Going out with my sisters tonight and husband offered to send instead of me driving cause it's going to be raining heavily again tonight.

Evans : it's okay I can send & hide somewhere
Me : where you gonna hide?
Evans : you think Kuching so small meh
Me : uhh it's raining ma
Evans : you know where is the safe space to hide from the rain?
Me : idk?
Xavier : home la
Evans : 😳😳😳😳😳😳 omg Xavier knows better than you
Me : 😵😵😵😵
Xavier : Papa you know how I know?
Evans : how? 😌

Xavier : cause I'm smart 😏

After that I rolled my eyes non stop while Evans laughed out loud. Idk why they both so annoying sometimes huh


Scrolled back posts to @peeciella:190917 & realised like 🙄 days ago I praised the sky for being so pretty . A day after on Sept 20, haze came 🌫️🌫️ damnit neighbours 🤦 why can't you leave the sky alone ?! And it's been hazy for the last couple of days .

And finally tonight rained . Hopefully it'll clear the skies , but from experience, it takes several times of rain to clear up. Haih

P/s picture taken this morning & it wasn't about to rain . It had tinge of blue skies among the haze

Went to Spring to hang with my sisters who had just finished their movie. Damnit after paying the parking coupon , my big sister realised the coupon isn't with her .

Retract our steps and I remembered taking the coupon after she paid to check the times stated on the coupon cause we were discussing how she was paying an incredibly high amount , which turns out its high cause they were in the mall for 5 hours 🙄

Anyways , we digged the rubbish bin together 🙈 she did most of the digging , hahaha .

Then after we done , I suggested we go back our steps to the parking to see maybe it's there some where , & indeed , cause we were greeted by the security guard holding our parking coupon lol really memories 😂

Day 266

Saturday, 23 Sep 2017

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djjustine (avatar)

djjustine xavier wanna wash car can come my car wash and wash hahaha. half price hahahaha

1 year ago

peeciella (avatar)

peeciella 😂 cham . you see everyday he wanna go later @djjustine

1 year ago

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