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Cameron Highlands Day 3

Good Morning

Today's fog situation is concentrated in one area only . 😂

But skies seems clear . Waiting for the sun to rise ☀️

Also had like a weird dream last night where I dreamt I wanted to send Xavier to music class (when he's already there) . Drove from 101 to third mile wtf but halfway got lost and accidentally drove to 7 mile .

Dreamt like the Save Our Strays community was there in a empty building (with so many walls) trying to vaccine the anti rabies on the pups and dogs & I got lick by a pup hanging on the wall wtf was so scared I asked them got rabies ?? They said yepp.

😣😣 then they gave me like a set of big tablet meds to eat. When I met up with Evans , I washed my hands with soap and black liquid came out from the affected area .

I damn scare I shock myself to wake up hahahaha .

According to AccuWeather , the temperature now is 13° . Got so cold !?


Poor kid . Been to two strawberry farms & both said they don't have anymore to pick . He disappointed until fall asleep liao 😂

Isit I hungry so picture also take blur haha this was breakfast round 1 . They had roti jala 😍 favvv . Rarely see any in Kuching so once I'm here , I'm always seeking for it . Heh

Breakfast round 2 . 😝

First stop this morning was the butterfly farm near the butterfly farm we went yesterday 😂

Uhh just found out the name of this butterfly is Rajah Brooke's Birdwing in conjunction with James Brooke . Interesting revelation haha idk why they named it after him , but this is also our national butterfly .

Rabbits at butterfly farm . 😍

Spot the stick grasshopper . It's amazing how they let the grasshopper loose while most would caged them . Xavier had fun finding all the insects on the tree hahaha .

Xavier being Xavier , he made a new friend whilst being a tour guide , at the same time bad influencer . Hahaha but this kid kept following him and leaving his parents behind, Xavier was like "no no no follow your parents . They're going the other side" kid ignored and happily skip with Xavier . Xavier of course happy he found himself a temporary companion 😂



I had one picture with Xavier the last time we came & wanted one with him again this time , but this time I got extra son wtf 🤦

At the Orchid & Rose Garden we visited after accidentally going to Rose Valley which we had covered already . Meant to go Rose Centre but I wrote wrongly . Heh my bad

Paper chrysanthemum

They used to only be a farm of paper chrysanthemum and had some farm animals caged but now they refurbish and turned into a big garden , even complete with mini jungle trail . Could do a bit better tho cause the flowers inside were about to die, and some slowly wilting . Guess that they're relatively new , nevertheless will come back again the next time just to check progress . They're also the only paper chrysanthemum farm that we know of here , & my MIL love them !

Gonna post this in Instagram & insert some meaningful quote hahaha

Next we went to Cactus Point 🌵 the stairs omg hahaha .

More stairs .

Some of the cactuses 🌵

Me : this is cactus for slutty girls 😏

MIL : this is money plant - Chinese people believe this plant can bring money .

After cactus point , went to Big Red Strawberry cause Xavier been asking to go strawberry picking .

But they said the strawberries finish liao heh taxi guy said it's the end of the season now . 🙄 Sad Xavier .

Also , these are all the butterheads and salads they're planting . So fresh looking !! 😍 Back home a pack would cost more than RM 10, or RM 20 . But here it cost like RM 5 only hahaha .

Happy face thinking that he had the chance to pick strawberries . Don't think we'll make it this trip anymore since we're leaving tomorrow . Didn't even get the chance to feed rabbits aww

Bharat tea farm .

Spent like only 10 minutes including picture taking & tea buying haha





Their tea house which from the road side we couldn't see the word tea house but only TS2 which is abbreviations for tea house 2 - quite further from their main farm & at their main, there's a TS , which means their first tea house .

Wait ?! I just noticed TS cannot be abbreviation for tea house !? See .. how come we thought it looks like some joint with good nasi lemak 😩

Had to resort to Brinchang Town for food instead .

Okay la 🙄 at least the food at Brinchang Town is nice haha I specially love their nam ru pork ❤️

Brought Xavier to the toilet & saw this awful looking poster at the restaurant . 🙄 If it's me , I won't feel like peeing anymore hahahaha

I guess they just don't want people to squat on their toilet seat la . One thing good tho , their toilet seat and toilet looks clean and unlike any other Chinese restaurants with disgusting toilet . 🤢

It started pouring rain while we had our lunch around late 2pm . After lunch , drove to cactus valley throughout the rain and jam .

The fog at cactus valley .

Didn't take some cactus at cactus valley but did took a photo of the pitcher plant . Apparently this trip , Cameron has a surge of pitcher plant and they referred it as Sarawak Pitcher Plant 😃😃 #/proud hahaha .

Our taxi driver even asked if our place really famous for this - to which I answered yepp even got pitcher plant rice which is my favourite hahaha .

Daisies here sold as cheap as RM 8 , but in Kuching it's as expensive as RM 35 - so complain my MIL

Glow in the dark zodiac animal we bought to add onto our already junk + messy room hahahaha .

Going out for dinner ootn . The poncho sweater bought yesterday hehe . Gonna be a cold night , so I'm actually daring myself to brave the cold with shorts and light tee inside hahaha

Dinner was this margarita pizza & mandi chicken (too hungry no picture) at the newly opened Arabic restaurant just outside our hotel 😋 their pizza is so soft & better than any pizza chain in Malaysia haha I kid you not, even Xavier approve cause he can quickly chew the pizza. Lololol I especially love their crust!!

Omg scrolled through my dayre & remember that my butterfly picture - soon after I took it, I immediately let the butterfly go cause it shat on my finger fml it's like tiny yellow goo, and I went to zoom my picture KNS IT SHAT DURING/BEFORE PICTURE HIA so gross out hahahaha. Mil was like, ohhhh so lucky you!! Not many people can meet butterfly shit on you. Idk she serious not, but she seems like it haha 😂 okay come butterfly shit, give me some luck.

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Thursday, 31 Aug 2017

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