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Picked baby up from school myself today & the first thing he said seconds after entering the car was "yasss. Can eat my food cause don't have papa" 😂 okay to clarify , we been driving a different car which has beige colour seats and easily stain, so to prevent from getting it dirty (so fast), Evans been stopping us from eating in the car . (Can't even put my leg up/cross my leg anymore) hence ,each time Xavier wanna eat , he get scolded first 😂

Haha Xavier selfie using my phone .

Anyways , I explained to him why he couldn't eat in the car anymore (we used to say okay cause our previous car seats were black) , idk if he listen or not , he just happily munch on his school's leftover food 🤦

Double chin yo hahaha he got it from his papa .

Went Viva for dinner & Kai Kai awhile . 😬

MIL wanted to get specs , so we went surveying as well. Xavier looks good with round frame , wa nubbad . Wait for his current one to break first , then can change to round frame for mother son specs twinning . Hahahaha okay if I tell this to Evans , he for sure ignore me or ask why I so ridiculous . 😂 Idk okay , I just love my son and he really looks cute here .

Look so koreanish 😘😘

Next time wanna let him wear relaxed ankle trousers , & button tee , make him look like Ji Chang Wook 😍 ahahahahah his future wife pls thank me hahahaha .

Each time bring Xavier go shopping , for sure he will have one of these melt downs where he just don't wanna walk anymore , & goes to the corner to sulk until his papa come and save him .

But not this evening la . Actually both pictures pretend only to ask sympathy from his papa to come & rescue him . It's more to conspiracy hahahaha . He looked down looking all sad but actually he can't stop laughing 😂 then he ask me , "will this make papa come and save me?" Son pls . Hahahahah why you so desperate to get away from me heh

Son why you so sad looking , look at other kids playing ? Hahaha

Btw , right after this , his papa decides to come and save him . So pity pictures worked after all 😃 hahaha

Bought the famous Grand Castella cake ; apparently it's quite famous in Taiwan , but I only knew about it once it reach Kuching hahaha .

It doesn't appeal to me , but Mil passed by the shop and said wa so nice smell . Hahaha

Anyways , brought it home & I think got miscommunication somewhere , the maid go and steam the cake 😂 omg hahahaha lucky still can eat la . More spongy , softer & less sweet . Well, I'm not sure of the before taste , but I described the after taste haha

Day 256

Wednesday, 13 Sep 2017

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